Saturday, February 25, 2017

Drooling Over These Denim Shoes

My love for shoes is sacred. Upon finding the right match - that perfect pair of shoes - I go mad. It is love at first sight for some shoes and these beauties were one such story. Once upon a random shopping trip I met these denim shoes and fell in love with them. We were traveling and visiting Saudi on our Umrah trip and I was in a very disinterested state of mind because I'd been having a bad and tiring post-migraine kind of day and the entire shopping trip was ... well, aimless and not even needed. Mama wanted to buy some shoes for our uncles who were traveling with us and I was pretty sure she was headed to some super boring, all men, serious looking kind of a shoe shop. That's when I saw it. Payless. What? They have Payless in Saudi too? Really? OMG is this a dream? The world witnessed a change of energy within me as I pointed the entire clan in the shop's direction and led the way. Finally, I had somehow made the shopping trip slightly more interesting. At least I wouldn't have to sit and sulk in a men's shoe store with tractor like rude looking men's shoes staring at me as if they were holding me hostage or something. At least I could browse through some gorgeous feminine beauties while they shopped for their stuff. I'm a genius, I know! Little had I known though, when I'd walked into the store, that I'd actually be leaving with shoes for myself. I promise window shopping was the only intention I had in mind but hello fabulous shoes and awesome prices ... how could I resist?

Shoes upon shoes I saw and tried on just for fun until I walked up to these delicious denim divas. They looked at me, I looked at them. Suddenly, a strange kind of gravitational pull emitted from the shoe box and I was forced to pick them up and try them on. (I swear I was not at fault here!) I was in love. It was love at first sight. When I tried them on they fit me like perfection and in that moment I knew that we were meant to be. Obviously I took Abbie's and mama's approvals and walked around the store wearing these to make sure my fabulous feeties were in a shoe-some bliss and none of my toes suffered in that fashionably induced distress that pretty shoes can sometimes cause. It was simply great; the shoes were comfortable, they let my feet breathe, they looked so smart and so cool. I loved the denim look, the shade of blue, the brown piping that stood out against the jean blue and the laced up details. It was so darn PRETTAYYYYYYY I was losing my mind.

Tick tick tick, beep beep, ting. We checked out of the store and I returned to my hotel that afternoon with these denim beauties added to my shoes' collection. As soon as I flew back home I took the first opportunity I got to put together a matching outfit that would go stunningly with my new shoes and one fine day I walked in my drop dead gorgeous denim shoes around DC. I paired it with a distressed black pair of jeans, a blue dress with floral details, and a black jacket. The blues and blacks looked classic together and I looked very pretty as I sashayed around (and later gulped down  pizza!) that weekend. Oh what a fine love story I have with each one of the shoes I own. Shoes, I believe, can hold memories too. My denim divas made memories of a fun pizza-ful weekend with my family. Oh and yeah also, I looked very very pretty because I'm awesome. Thank you!


  1. Stoogie, this is fab! The photos came out so awesome! I envy that joota! Had I not gotten myself that denim pump, I would have gotten these too! That day at Payless was ... erm ... weird had it not been for you finding awesome shoesies. No?

    1. It was a HORRIBLE day, yes! Thank God for pretty shoessssss!
      Ps: I envy your denim pumps!!!


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