Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lots of Lovely For February

I'm finally back home and done with traveling! Seriously, I've had such an overdose of travel that I just want to stay put in one place and refuse to move now. That part is done and dusted though and I'm ready for a fabulous February! Oh yes, that's right, a FAB FEB is what this is going to be on my blog now. I have lots of awesomeness planned for the entire month and I am excited with a capital E!

Those who've been in love with my blog and I for a while now will already know that I was working on my bedroom's makeover since some time. It is finally absolutely done and perfected and I'm SO excited to finally get to blog about it. This month get ready for a mega makeover reveal post! The Sassy and Classy Bedroom Makeover is making its way through and if all goes well I'm planning to reveal the fabulosity around Valentine's Day! Now, I don't do Valentine's at all but I do enjoy all the girly-ness that this day brings to my world throughout February so I found this was a perfect time to post my bedroom's new grand look. It's girly, it's classy, it's screaming sass and awesome everywhere! It's so beautiful I fall in love with it more and more every new morning. Even my baby niece Gubby loves it. She always wants to stay in my room and keeps saying, "I wanna go to Beeya's yoom." (That's not a typo, she calls it my 'yoom' with a y. Adorbable!) I can't wait to finally show it off!

I'm also planning on starting some new creative projects. I have a tonne of ideas running around in circles inside my head and it's time to kick in my creative gear and get to it. I also want to begin my Wreck This Journal and that's something I'm really looking forward to blogging about. Oh and that's not it, I have more creative awesomeness coming to the blog this month because I'm planning to post about the Grand and Glorious Birthday Party and Birthday Card too. Think gold, glam, and gorgeous.

Wacky Finds, Tweet Logs, Graphics to Love, and ButtMustGo updates shall continue as usual. Also, I have a few other ideas I might be posting about (haven't decided for sure yet!) which may include some kind of updates about my travel-some January, foooooood, and maybe even movies and books! I'm so excited I'm surprised I can even sit still in one place!

So get ready for a fabulous lovely February! Lots of love to every single reader who loves this blog, yes, I appreciate you from the deepest depths of my heart! XoXo.

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