Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Little Lego House

My darling two year old niece loves me. She loves her 'Beeya' (me!) and everything about her. Her favorite place in the house is 'Beeya yoom' (Beeya's room) where she loves the colors and the toys in my closet. My room, as Abbie calls it, is the Disney Land of our house for Gubby darling. It's no doubt how much she loves spending time with me but greater than that love is what I hold for Gubby in my heart. That little kid is my love, my tiny little friend, my play mate ... it seems like she's my life. I make sure my room and our activities don't become boring and repetitive; to be stuck in a rut is the last thing I want to happen in our lives. So I keep coming up with new games, different ways of playing with the same toys, and new activities to enjoy with Gubby. Our most recent awesomeness: Our beautiful little lego house!

I've built this lego house in great detail for Gubby to play with. It's extremely bright and colorful, very girly looking, and ... ADORABLE! There's a fully functional front door, a pillar, a chimney, and even a dish antenna which was an addition by Abbie. Wait wait wait, it doesn't finish there: CARS! I've even built two cars with functional spinning wheels which park beside the house in our little pretend driveway parking. Our little house has two windows too and two rooms with a dining table in the middle as well. Imagine? Have you seen such a pretty lego house ever? EVAAAAA? Time for details!

The front door of our little lego house actually opens and shuts. We don't have an actual door bell but we rely on 'knock knockkkk' and 'ding dongggggg' and trust me that works!

The house is built to be as colorful as possible and that little blue bit jutting out from the side ... well it wasn't supposed to be anything; just a piece of odd lego because I couldn't find another block which was the right size but mama happened to come to my room one day and asked me, "What is that, the dryer vent?" Imagine how much would I have laughed in that moment! Oh and notice the shade/awning too ... sometimes Gubby and I pretend these are our two parking spots and there's shade on top for the cars to stand under.

Isn't it gorgeous? I think I should have been an architect *laughs* ... hey, I did want to be an interior designer at one point in my life, it was the time when I played The Sims and LOVED the build and buy modes! But that's totally another story ... right now, let's show off the insides of our beautiful little lego house!

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's big and spacious and has two rooms and two windows with a beautiful view as well! It's very scenic, trust me! *laughs*

Those are our cars. All four wheels actually spin and Gubby loves driving the cars all around in my room. When I built the cars from her lego blocks I intended the curvy block to be the front of the car but Gubby often changes that around. Sometimes she drives it one way and other times another way. She just announces that it's time to sit in the car and then says, "Vroom!"

That's the beautiful pillar of our house. It is visible both from the outside and the inside of the house. It's basically just for added beauty (detailed architecture, remember?) and sometimes Gubby will decide it is a lollipop, break it off the house, and pretend to lick it from all sides. Crazy!

This is the very fabulous antenna which makes sure we get all satellite signals properly inside our beautiful house. This was an addition by Abbie the great and it was such a creative feature that we just couldn't want anything else to be made out of those blocks. I just raised the antenna a bit higher and created a second window for the house. Hey, the antennae have to be positioned properly for the signals to be strong okay?

Silly me, I mentioned a second window but never showed off the first one. That's the first window I'd built for the house, one that looks out onto the driveway/parking area. Very scenic view I tell you ... very very scenic!

You're now looking at the kitchen and dining area which is basically the division between the two rooms also. That little purple raised section on the right is our make belief stove and kitchen and the light blue block on the left is our dining table. We cook all kinds of food here and enjoy something new everyday. So far we've had Khichri, Pasta, Biryani, Samosa, Chicken and Rice, Daal, and the list goes on and on and on ...

The second window .. also with a very scenic view! *laughs*
But hey here's the important question: Who lives in this gorgeous house of ours? Who are the lucky people who get to stay in this absolutely awesome house?

Meet baby and doggie! They're the lucky residents of this adorable little lego house!

The first room belongs to the baby and the second room belongs to doggie. As you can see, they're pretty spacious and very comfortable for sleeping as well!

The baby answers the door when somebody comes and rings the door bell. Gubby understands that most of the other toys are a little too big for our house so she makes them sit outside and ring the door bell, then she waits for somebody to answer the door, and when they do she makes the bigger toy call the baby and doggie outside to play. Such a genius kid Gubby is, bless her!

See how perfectly sized and awesome our luxury car is? Yes, luxury car.

Baby and doggie loveeeeeeeeeee their house!

Just showing off how much space it has! *laughs*
When I was done building this adorable house for baby, doggie, Gubby, and I there were still a couple of lego blocks left over. I thought for a long time about what else I could make. I tried adding more blocks to create some more things for the house like a third window or something. However, no matter what I did I thought it didn't look good enough and then I got hit with a fabulous idea. I thought about what Gubby liked and then I decided I would build a park for baby and doggie! BRILLIANT!

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! Isn't that an awesome fun lego park? Gubby LOVED this so much! When I told her we were taking baby and doggie to the park she looked happy but when she saw I'd built a play park for her right there in my room the look on her face was PRICELESS! She was ecstatic!

The first feature in our park is this jumper thingy. Gubby pretends that baby and doggie climb onto this and then jump for fun!

This brilliant park also has a brilliant slide! Gubby pretend slides over this so the blocks don't fall over but she loves doing it!

Finally, last but not least, and my most favorite is the see saw! I am actually very proud of myself for thinking of THIS from the blocks I had left over. Gubby loves it too!

See how much fun this park looks?

I'm pleasantly surprised at how many things I could make out of the box of lego Gubby had. There's even two telephones that I've made earlier - one for Gubby and the other mine. So we have a beautiful little house, two cars, and an entire park and you'd think wow that's all that is needed. However, over the past week or two Gubby has already requested so many more things in the house (like a separate bathroom instead of pretending that there is one) that I think we'll need to buy her more lego blocks. She even said it herself, "Beeya, when we go to store we get noo moah (new more) bocksh (blocks) and then we make baaboom (bathroom)!" This kid is SERIOUS adorable ... I think she'll kill me with her cuteness one of these days. If I survive though I'll be back to show off whatever new awesomeness we make with our lego!


  1. My son is also 2 and he got a Lego set on his last birthday! He loves playing with it, so I am sure your niece enjoys playing with it too.

    1. Hahaha! Yes, she LOVES the lego play house :D


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