Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Sassy Inspiration Board

When you have such a beautifully bright and happy inspiration board behind your desk there's absolutely no doubt you'll stay inspired! A while ago I showed off and revealed my newly made-over Sassy and Classy Bedroom decor. That's when I posted a picture of this beautiful board for the first time. Now, it's time for details because this prettiness needs close ups and zooms that blow your mind away with their awesomeness. Yes, right, okay. Here they are!

My inspiration board is a mix of pin and white board both. A couple inches of the top are the pin board area on which I've hung up these extremely adorable yellow string lights. They're very Moroccan lattice looking in a super bright shade of yellow. On the rest of the board I've used magnets to put up some brilliant graphics and other stuff. I don't like anything without color so instead of leaving the white board area blank, I've covered it up with a beautiful gold and white polka dot gift wrap paper. It looks so awesome to have that kind of a background behind my inspiration board. Love it!

In the picture above you can see the bright yellow string lights, a couple of magnets, and the Donut Worry Be Happy graphic. You can find the graphic on the Twinspiration blog. I love love love this graphic! It's so bright and happy, it lets there be delicious looking donuts on my board, and it gives so much motivation to stay happy. The Sassy & Classy Stiletto and the rectangle one that says 'glitter is my favorite color' are both magnets that are just oh so stylish!

The 'You Are So Fabulous Darling' graphic is my most favorite one on the board right now. You can find the free printable right here and use it for yourself too! It's so vibrant and so girly that I can't help but stare at it whenever I sit down to craft away on my desk. FAVORITE!

That's my little Things Pending list hanging from a magnetic clip. I've checked off some of the stuff on it since the time this picture was taken. I decided my Things Pending list should be very bright and girly and cute so I chose a bright yellow note pad page with colorful butterflies. The cuteness helps make it less daunting!

I found these adorable cut out quotes in an Oprah magazine a long time back. I'm actually sad she stopped printing such quotes' cards in her magazines. They were there for a couple editions and then they just stopped showing up. I loved them! Abbie has a lot more with her. I found these two and displayed them on my board!

Isn't that 'Smile' cut out so adorable? This one is also from some magazine. I've had it for so long I've absolutely forgotten where I'd exactly found it. Oops! I think it was from a prom issue (ages back) of some Seventeen magazine. I love how doodle-ish it looks - so girly, so random, so pretty! Check out the little 'Sweet Chic Unique' bubble beside it too! Oh and the pretty bubble magnets all around!

I love my awesome self - I really really do! I also need daily reminders about it thus I wrote it on that cute little mini magnetic chalk board frame. It's magnetic. It's a chalk board. It's colorful and super pretty. HOW AWESOME! Also look at the 'Get Your Sparkle On' magnet - another daily reminder!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my super girly, sassy, and vibrant inspiration board. It's like a big burst of happy right in my face every single day and every single time I take a seat across from my desk! I'll keep changing the stuff I've pinned and stuck on to it from time to time as I keep coming across pretty and inspirational bits and scraps. It's super fun sticking things onto the board plus I get to buy all the fabulous magnets! I'm in LOVE with magnets and this is just the perfect place for all of them! Bright and happy, inspirational and fun, and super pretty! All in one!

Don't forget to check out the detailed blog post showing off my gorgeous bedroom where this inspiration board is displayed! Click right here and you'll fall in love! Promise!


  1. Your inspiration board is very ... inspiring. 😊 And giving people links to where you found some of your favorite graphics? That just shows how you want to share your inspiration so everyone feels good. Your awesome self is very generous. Have a great day.

    1. I could swear I replied to this but somehow it never got posted!? Silly internet!
      Thank you Suzanne for being so sweet always :D Love your comments!

  2. Awesomesauce super awesomesauce! You write it all out so brilliantly yar!


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