Thursday, April 12, 2018

Killer Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

In usual circumstances I talk a LOT. But today I will let the pictures do the talking. Because today these pictures will not just talk, they'll SLAY! They'll be killer! They'll leave you in a dangerous place from where you'd only want to stuff this deliciousness inside your mouths. I won't even be surprised if you actually reach out and try to grab what the pictures behold from your actual screens!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars!

You take your favorite Snickerdoodle cookie and then your favorite classic cheesecake and bake them together to get these GORGEOUS bars that are delicious and classic. It's a marriage made in heaven. There's layers upon layers of sheer goodness. It's a killer!

These Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars are a melange of delicious flavors and textures. On first contact between teeth and bar you cut through a layer of soft cookie. There's the ever so delicate little crunch of the cinnamon sugar as your teeth sink through the cookie layer and get to the next level. Then comes the creamiest, the perfectly sweetened, the ultimate cheesecake layer. That's where you absolutely lose your mind. Then you sink into more cinnamon sugar and finally by the time you've devoured the last layer of cookie you know you're hooked!

A moment's silence for the glittery cinnamon sugar crunch layer on top ....

You take a bite and it never lets you go. You keep biting and biting and biting until you're through with the first piece. Next second, you're reaching for another and you know you're gone. You've been converted. You've been turned into a Snickerdoodler Cheesecaker Bar-er! Dhan dhan dhannnnnnn!

I think I'll faint now.

That's five layers of deliciousness which'll leave you ravenous! You'll never want to eat anything else ever again. EVER! Killer. Snickerdoodle. Cheesecake. Bars. That's all you'll ever want to hear and see and taste and feel and smell again. It'll leave your senses numb. It'll kill you. The grown up snickerdoodle, ladies and gentlemen! *mic drop*

All the mouth-watering pictures in this post are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!
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  1. I've made cheesecake brownies before and they were delicious. This looks like a similar dessert. I bet they were yummy. They look wonderful. Weekends In Maine


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