Friday, April 13, 2018

Lovely Polkas, Pearls, and Pretties - Cupcake Collection

Aren't these one of the prettiest cupcakes you've ever seen? They're girly and beautiful and pearly and just oh so PRETTY! I baked these for absolutely no reason at all. *laughs* No, really, there was no reason at all except that I was going to take them for a friend when I went over for lunch. Just some pretty looking super delicious cupcakes to catch up over. These were totally random, just like our meet up plan. So when I found out I had a chance to bake and decorate cupcakes I went to my baking room and checked which colors of fondant I had on hand. Red, white, black. Done! Those are one of my most favorite color combinations for cupcakes. So I went crazy with fondant trying some new stuff and some old and the result was a collection of gorgeous cupcakes! Polkas, Pearls, and Pretties! Time for close upsssssssss! Yayyyy!

I love marbling fondant (This must be the millionth time I'm saying this!) so that's what I did again. Usually, I aim for very fine marbling. This time, however, I went for a bold chunky kind of an effect. It looked casual and yet so pretty. On top of the red and white chunky marbled fondant I added a marbled black and red fondant flower with gold pearls.

I'd seen a fabulous way of making polka dot fondant effects a while ago and had been dying to try it. I finally got to with these cupcakes. I designed a black and white polka dot cupcake with a red flower on top which was embellished with gold pearls. I fell in LOVE with fondant polka dots. So much that I think it's going to become my favorite go to fondant technique from now on. Such an easy technique and such a fabulous result! This reminded me of Minnie Mouse! *laughs* I can definitely imagine a Minnie Mouse cupcake collection right now!

Another one of my favorites, the tufted fondant cupcake! Love tufting so much because it adds texture and depth and dimension to the cupcakes. They look like fat, round, adorable cushions! I embellished the red tufts with gold pearls and finished off this design with a black flower and white pearls for its center. Lovely!

Are you seeing the Minnie Mouse I was talking about? This is SO SO SO Minnie Mouse! Loved polka dots. I still can't decide whether I liked the white on black combination more or this red on white one. This one definitely looked much more girly-er and adorable!

Matching with the other marbled cupcake I created a red and black chunky marbled one. This one had a white flower on top which had gold pearls for its center. Beautiful!

Another tufted beauty! This one was black and embellished with red pearls. I LOVED THE BLACK TUFTS! They were so so so gorgeous. They looked stunning! The red contrasted so well with the black and then I added a more detailed flower topper to this one. The flower had red painted centers and was embellished with gold pearls. This one was such a stunner!

I even chose matching cupcake wrappers for this cupcake collection. The red and black liner looked perfect with the designs of my cupcakes. Oooh and notice the tufting! They add such beautiful dimension to the cupcakes. I love them!

As always, my collection included buttercream cupcakes too. A hearty classic swirl of delicious creamy buttercream, topped with a fondant topper embellished with pearls. Oh and light dust of gold sugar crystals for added bling and loveliness! How lovely!

See how lovely this pretty little thing looks!

The lovely Polkas, Pearls, and Pretties cupcake collection! My most random designed collection which turned out so very pretty! My friend LOVED the cupcakes and seeing the expression on her face made my heart swell up with happiness!

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  1. I love the polka dot one. They're all adorable but that one is my favorite. Weekends In Maine

  2. OMG! These are such yummy looking cupcakes, so gorgeous and so elegant! Love them ♥
    Shilpa Garg #AtoZChallenge

  3. Wow!Lovely Polkas, Pearls, and Pretties - Cupcake Collection What yummy cupcakes. I'm sure my friends will gonna love them. So pretty. Thanks for sharing your blog Sara.

  4. Gorgeous! The one embellished with pearl is to die for! When can I come over and try some?


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