Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saraallie's Bedroom!

This is going to be a super duper detailed, super duper awesome, super duper colorful, and full of creative ideas Blog entry! Why?! Because I'm going to blog with pictures about my wonderful bedroom! It's my most favorite place in the world I think (haven't yet been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter *winks*)! I've put so much heart into putting the whole look together that I feel a special kind of attachment with every single thing in my room; from curtains, to the carpet, to the bed sheets .........

I am also blessed with an amazing camera that gives me the option to take panoramic pictures! So I decided I would begin with a Panoramic view of my entire bedroom, i.e 360 degrees of that colorful beauty! Well not 360, but yeah, a picture with most of my bedroom!

*Drum Rolls* *hooting* *cheering* Here's presenting!! *screams* *excitement* *dramatic music* Saraallie's Bedroom:

Yep! This is the burst of colors that meet the eye when people enter my room. The rest of my house is decorated more on a sophisticated classic combo of red, gold, & brown, so I am not exaggerating when I say 'BURST' of color! It really is like a color explosion when you enter my bedroom!

Let's begin with some more DETAILS about my room, more zoomed pictures of everything, and more colorful creativity! The most prominent element in my room is my bed! It's as colorful as the rest of my room with a quilt like pattern for the comforter!

I LOVE CUSHIONS! And I love it when there are lots of cushions on a bed! Therefore I've made sure that my bed has a lot of cushions on it, and I don't sleep on them, I put them aside at night so they stay fluffy and fat like new!
After my bed, the next prominent feature of my room is the little sitting arrangement besides my bed. It's the first thing that meets the eye when you step inside, and like the rest of my room I made sure it has as many colors as I could possibly accommodate in one place!

There is a 'Dari' or rug that I brought along when I moved to the States from my home country Pakistan. The two adorable cushion chairs were bought and gifted to me by my sister on my 19th birthday. The two cushions on the floor came with this comforter set that I had on my bed before this quilt-like one, and the two cushions on the chairs were also bought and brought along from Pakistan! Yep, shopping in Pakistan is AWESOME!

Right in front of my bed is my desk, a Harry Potter poster, my soft board, my laundry basket, and also my book shelf. I made sure I matched the desk and book shelf with my bed, so that they all are exactly the same look of wood now, nobody can even doubt that they were separate pieces of furniture.

Here is a close up of my desk and my book shelf:

I've put together a lot of little colorful stuff to get this fabulous cute look on my desk top. So I have furry photo frames, a white board on which my sister has doodled her perception of my face!, I have this beautiful painted display that says my name, three cute pen holders, a round glass decoration that has colorful beads and stickers, my mouse pad is customizable and I have printed out a colorful quote for it but that's not visible in the picture. And my soft board was put together by my sister for me on my 19th birthday! And in addition to what she did with its template and theme, I've added some stuff of my liking on it .. more space to fill there of course, but I will do that gradually!

My book shelf a display of some souvenirs from Medieval Times where my sister celebrated my 20th Birthday on top, along with a picture frame that I still need to fill! On the top most shelf are my achievements, this is where I place my Quran (not in the picture because I was reciting it downstairs earlier that day) and this is also where all my major shields and prizes are displayed. Then follows my Harry Potter Books collection, both British (with book 5 missing) and American (gifted to me by my dad). Third floor from the top has my Weasley Clock (YES I HAVE ONE OF THOSE), and my scrapbook, that's the one with the big yellow flower. After that is my collection of Seventeen Magazines which I collected a few years back, I don't read them anymore, plus there are also some of my journals and files. The lasssst shelf there has the orange box that's full of markers, stationery, and etc .. and it has my school books. Besides the shelf is the awesome Harry Potter Poster which I received complimentary when I bought the last book of the series at its launching event! I've matched my floor lamps with my room's colors too, and as you can see there are these pink chimes hanging from the ceiling to add more color to this corner!

 This is a very adorable ottoman which my sister gifted to me on my 19th birthday! I've made it into a little Princess-y corner by adding cushions, and mom got me that crown ... BECAUSE I am her little princess <3

So far all of this was visible in the Panoramic view of my room, but this picture above isn't displayed there. This is what I have done to my closet. I have a small but spacey walk-in closet, and the whole area sort of protrudes a bit outward into my room. It was ideal to decorate with some girly stickers, my gem stones princess wall clock on top, and some pretty silver bells on the door knob.

Finally comes my dresser/chest of drawers! I've laid out a bandanna on it (YES A BANDANNA), so it added color. And then there's my gorgeous sparkly Bangle stand, on which there are bangles and bracelets of all sorts, colors, and kinds. A basket kind of thingy, which my mom bought so I could put everyday stuff in it, a photo frame with some of my own photography, and that completes the whole area! Beneath that on the floor are the very famous drawers that I've decorated myself, read about them here!

Now for some close ups of all the little pieces of decoration that you can see randomly everywhere in my room. These are all little things that I've gathered and collected after a lot of effort so they mean a lot to me. Some are decorations on my table, others are decorations on my soft board, and some are just random stuff here and there to add sparkle and color to my room!

These are some of the decorations hanging around my curtains

If you look closely, those are a lot of different little things that look so girly and cute when put together!

There are quote graphics all over my soft board, and some other decor everywhere!

MY DOOR HANGER xD heeheehee! YES I COLORED IT MYSELF! This came from a birthday card my sister gave me! I love it so much!

And my bedroom slippers :D Pink, girly, cute, furry! Now look at my Wallpaper border and ceiling fan below! Absolute eye candy!!!!!

These were some of the things which would have gone unnoticed in those pictures, so I had to take a picture of them separately! Finally take a look at my closet from the inside, it's my stuffed toys' room :D

That's my bedroom, my lovely awesome colorful gorgeous happy superb fantastic ... okay you get the point *laughs*! Now a few pictures of my bathroom. My bathroom is all white tiles, and the same shade of walls as my bedroom (somewhat white with a hint of creme yellow). And I cannot live with colors. So I added a few bits here and there to sparkle up my bathroom! It's where you get all ideas - you need to be in a good environment *winks*

The pink elephant is 'Jumbo', my mom got it for me! And she also got me the fishes which are scattered all around my washroom, from the bath tub to the mirror! I hang colorful stuff on the door knobs to make the white doors look good, and the rest of the color comes from the bathroom set; the curtains, the soap dispenser, and etc.

FINALLY, That's all about my bedroom & bathroom! Man, blogging about it felt so awesome! It all looks so beautiful in pictures as well, makes me so proud of myself!

- S. Ali


  1. you are very artistic. Everything looks nice together, just like what I've seen in the magazine.

    1. Thank you so much! I love decorating my room and making it as girly and colorful as possible!

    2. You're in a magazine???? -Heather

    3. Hey Heather!
      No I'm not in any magazine :) She meant it looks like the rooms they have in magazines!

  2. so colorful room.. Love it <3

    1. Thank you Zanub :D I am so glad you like it!

  3. saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the colors..... you have the most adorable done up room ever :*

  4. Sara! I love the bathroom set! It is amazing! This is all so cute and girly, but I am so excited to see your new bedroom makeover! -Heather W.

    1. Hey Heather!
      So glad to find your comment on here :)
      Thaaaaaank you! I'm really excited to post the makeover too!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! Wait till you see the makeover! You'll LOVE it! :D


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