Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glitteratzi Nails ~ Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher's Review

Over the summer I happened to take a trip to Canada where Abbie met an old friend; a very fun, shining, and beautiful girl who raised the rating of FUN we had on the trip. For the sake of naming her let's refer to her as the Awesome A.

So Awesome A, Abbie, and I had the perfect girly day out; movie, popcorn, fun, laughter, gossip, and a VERY sinfully large and rich dessert. After that we drove Awesome A back to her house where we got off to say hello to her mom. That is when the need for this blog post was born. Awesome A was wearing the most girliest pink glitter nail polish on her toe nails and I.Fell.In.Love ...

So I searched and searched for the perfect glitter nail polish every single time I went shopping but I was left disappointed; either the glitter had really large specks so that it would take at least ten coats to make the entire nail glittery ... or the shade was bogus.

Enter Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength : WEDDING CRASHER.

Following a debate with mama and Abbie on whether or not I should buy it .. I walked home with a bottle, dying to try it on. I knew a glitter shade would not be enough if I applied a single coat, so just to save some glitter I first applied a very baby-pinkish light shade. You can see my nails are still visible through the shade, it was that light. But it helped me when I applied the glitter on!

And Voila! Pink Glitter shade of my dreams was finally found!

Once I was done applying and the color had dried a bit too, I took a Q-tip and used that (dipped in nail polish remover) to dab off the extra nail color I had accidentally applied off my nails. And that is always going to happen .. try applying nail color on your right hand (being right-handed) and see for yourself!

Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Wedding Crasher shade is really VERY pretty. Their claim of diamond strength is very true. My nails literally are shining quite a lot, especially when I step under a yellow light.

The good stuff: It dries fast, it is reasonably priced, it is extremely gorgeous, the perfect shade of girly pink you would want, and extremely shiny.

The not-so-good stuff: One or two coats will not be enough .. I think three did the job for me but I applied an extremely thin coat the first time so you may find two work okay too. And also, it is glitter so be prepared to feel bumpy specks (not too bumpy, just not a perfectly smooth finish) but a top coat would solve that problem too!

The good stuff here definitely exceeds the not-so-good stuff so I say: GO FOR IT!

I really am looking forward to trying more shades! Like this one, the Ringading Gold Glitter! Will be on the look out for this the next time I go shopping. And once I try it on I'll be back with another review!

- S. Ali

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