Friday, October 3, 2014

October Photography Month 2014

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! It's that time of the year again!!!
Here comes October and November (the super duper Birthdayyyy Season of my house!), the gorgeous most awesome season of Fall .,, and the OCTOPHOMO!!!!

Here's the link to the OctoPhoMo 2014 Prompt List:
It used to happen on our lovely dear Open Diary, but since the site is no longer around it's happening on a site called Prose Box this year. I wasn't on Prose Box before but I just created an account to be able to link my entries to just so that I can participate. However, I have SERIOUS doubts on myself; I will probably become super lazy (this being my Birthday month, woohoo!) and end up not posting on Prose Box!!! But even then, I'm doing it for fun so my Twitter account @sara_allie and this blog will be enough for me! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Besides, it's more of a do-with-bestie thing for me in OctoNovember so what matters is doing it with my Abbie and enjoying it!

Just for my own ease, I'm copy pasting the prompts right here for me to look at everyday. What I'll do is post a photo everyday on Twitter @sara_allie and then weekly (hopefully!) post allllll the pictures together in an entry right here on this blog. So here's the list of prompts as posted EXACTLY on the OctoPhoMo Prose Box account (linked above!):
  1. About Me!
  2. Storms or Dreams
  3. Apple Bobbing or Halloween Prop
  4. Twisted or Straight
  5. Textured or Smooth
  6. Message or Beauty
  7. Emotion or Icon
  8. Rainbow or Pets
  9. Metal or Plastic
  10. Macro or Panoramic
  11. Bad Habit or Guilty Pleasure
  12. Shadows or Water
  13. Priceless or Worthless
  14. Fear or Inner Child
  15. What's Cooking or Body Part
  16. Babies (animal or human) or Smiles
  17. Reflection or Weather
  18. Angel or Insect
  19. Country Life or City Life
  20. Leaves or Bats
  21. Faith or Tradition
  22. Witch or Vampire
  23. Pumpkin Patch or Pumpkins
  24. Orange or Black
  25. History or Future
  26. Woodland Animal or Candles
  27. Halloween Decorations or Candy
  28. Frankenstein or Wolfman
  29. Video Game or Autumn Scene
  30. Spooky or Comfort
  31. October Birthdays or Trick & Treats
And she also posted these special notes (exactly copy pasted):

Oct 01: There’s only one prompt for the first day and that’s because it’s a “Getting to Know You” photo. I think this is a great way to start event this year by everyone seeing a picture from you that shows something or somethings about you as a person. I hope everyone doesn’t mind doing that one. We did this prompt back in 2010 during the December Photography Month.
Oct 29: The video game prompt can be a photo taken in your game. The image DOES need to be taken by you of your game play. For instance I’ll probably take a photo of something I stage in my Sims 3 as taking photos is part of the game engine. If a game you like doesn’t have that function you can try a screenshot or do the other prompt if you aren’t into video games at all.
- S. Ali

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