Thursday, December 18, 2014

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero Movie Review

When you've stayed away from watching all Bollywood movies for real long because you were caught up in studies, it is natural for you to want to catch up. That is what happened to me and I decided to watch this movie. While I was still stuck in between assignments and exams I had got a few minutes of free time to spare for a movie and I had decided to give this one a try. 'Phata Poster Nikhla Hero' was fairly a new release back then and the trailer I had seen on television seemed like one that I may give a chance to. All I could manage to watch then was the starting of this movie. A kid who is Bollywood crazy cracks his jokes about wanting to grow up and be an actor; the ove for Bollywood seemed like something I would be interested to watch.

Because I couldn't watch the rest of the movie while studying, I gave this movie a shot when I finally graduated, only to be severely disappointed. There was very little story in this movie and except for the start, there was very little 'Bollywood-crazy-jokes-thing' too. Shahid Kapoor (and I am not surprised) wasn't nice at all and let's just not even talk about the actress; I have never liked Ileana D'Cruz ever since the day she did Barfi.

Without even bothering to spend time writing a review about how bad this movie was ... I'll just be done with it and rate it, okay!? Okay!

Saraallie's Rating: 0 Stars out of 5!!! PATHETIC.

- S. Ali

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