Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY: Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

2015's first detailed cleaning and I am obsessively scrubbing away the sink in my bathroom when I am hit by a sudden creative urge so strong I could vomit! A mega creative session later, my bathroom cabinet looks super girly and pretty from the inside.

I love colors and my bedroom is quite a gigantically sufficient proof of that. Everybody at home knows my love for bright happy colors and prints and whenever they buy something for me or for my room it reflects that. As a result everything in my room shouts out "happy and colorful". My bathroom has some decent load of color and fun too. Mama bought these mirror stickers for me and decorated them beautifully in my bathroom; instant color! The soap dispenser, shower curtain, rug, etc. that I have in the loo are all fashion themed too! Despite of that, I am not satisfied with how minimal and simple my bathroom is; whoever built this house must have had no sense of interior designing, I swear!

I've been thinking of a way to spice up my bathroom and make it prettier without giving my folks a heart attack by announcing that I want to throw out all the old fittings and completely remodel my bathroom. And let's just consider this idea one of the many I might be coming up with!!

Previously, I used to keep everything out on my counter and all this cabinet had was stuff that was extra (refills, or oil that wasn't used frequently, nail polish remover, etc.). Not very long ago I became obsessed with cleaning my counter and removing everything possible from it. So I ended up cleaning the cabinet and making room for everything inside. My counter had just the stuff I used a gazillion times during the day then, like tooth brush and stuff; a clean open counter, just like I wanted!

A pair of scissors, some scrap funky colored papers gathered for my scrapbook, and a good session of my creativity later my cabinet turned from simple and boring ...

To this!!! Bright and colorful! Funky, pretty, girly, and gorgeous! Now all you really need for this DIY project is some double sided tape, a pair of scissors, and colorful paper of your choice. For convenience I use double sided tape, you can use magic single sided tape and go ahead trying to make it completely disappear if you want to as well! For the colored paper you can either go to any crafts store and buy those awesome scrap book papers in any color and design of your choice, or you can tear off pretty stuff from magazines before throwing them away for recycle. Magazines such as Oprah or Seventeen (and similar girly-womanly mags) have awesome full pages dedicated to makeup or fashion which can go great in a girl's bathroom. I used a combination of papers for this!

On the very top of the cabinet I used this yellow, colorful butterfly themed paper. This is the scrapbook paper you can find at any Arts and Crafts store. My sister had previously purchased an entire book with girly papers and this one came right out of that. Because I'm not overly fond of butterflies I decided I'd use it my bathroom rather than in my scrapbook later!

The glass divisions in my cabinet are removable so I did not have to size it too much, except from the sides where it was wider than the cabinet.
Next comes this really funky girly middle. Look close and you can see that they are actually two papers. I got both of these from magazines. The one on the right is from an Oprah magazine and I had saved it with me because I am obsessively in love with the full page makeup designs these magazines have! I had known I would be using it somewhere someday because those lipsticks are GORGEOUS!
The one on the left I don't even remember tearing out but I know it was from some magazine!
I could have spent more time chopping off the 'Beautiful!' and putting in something pink there but hey, there is no harm if your cabinet gives you a compliment everyday when you are getting ready, now is there?
The very bottom has a very bright and vibrant paper with colorful stripes. Look close and you can even see the bar code at the bottom right! *laughs* It is always covered up when I have my stuff inside, so why go for extra effort? This is not a crafting paper nor is it out of a magazine. I had a file folder that had butterflies on the front and stripes at the back. I used it in the first two years of high school and because of the wear and tear the plastic on top gave away. It became really prickly and dirty looking after some time so I decided to cut open the plastic, remove the fancy paper (save it for scrapbooking later!), and discard the file cover! I finally found a fabulous use for this!
I put all my stuff back inside and Ta Daaaaaaaa!!!
Fabulous girly funky chic cabinet makeover was complete and looking super pretty!
Opening up this cabinet to get my toothpaste, face wash, powder, etc. out is no longer boring. It brightens up my day every morning!

- S. Ali

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