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Jellied Eels and Other Cool Displays at Diagon Alley

They were disgusting, yet Abbie and I were going crazy taking photos and videos. The display of Jellied Eels was only one of the many other extremely cool displays at Diagon Alley. In fact, having visited Hogsmeade two times already in the previous two years, Abbie and I noticed that the new Diagon Alley had an entire back area that was majority display only. This was the area where the shows took place and it was a really great idea to keep it free of actual shops; lines of fans were not hogging away space and there was ample room for taking photos against some pretty awesome backdrops.

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In this blog entry I'll be highlighting the major displays and backdrops of Diagon Alley, Orlando Florida. These are shops and experiences that you can't walk into, instead you enjoy looking at them and taking photos posing against them. Abbie and I were two super impressed Potterheads looking at the level of detail this park held within its magical boundaries.

The jellied eels display had slimy and gross eels lying behind a glass showcase. This was right across from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and was probably the coolest disgusting stuff I had seen!

The entire back area of Diagon Alley is a very magically cheerful place. I could see lots of greens and purples and painted signs that simply blew away my mind. On the opposite side of this was the Gringotts Money Exchange, shops such as Scribbulus, and the stage where shows happened. A stall like setting stood in the middle that sold potions to add to water and enjoy. The ceiling here is made of glass so we could see through and look at the skies but when it poured down on the magic we did not get wet.

Some places could be leased?! How about I launch Sara's Baked Creations here? *laughs*

Dr Filibuster's had bold display signs that advertised explosives and fireworks. It reminded me of the scene in the movies where the Weasley twins had set explosives behind Umbridge and she had ran out of the exam hall. That scene always makes me laughs out loud, it never gets old and the wonderful feeling of seeing Umbridge's plight is just amazing! Plus I love the soundtrack!

Another display shop said The Museum of Muggle Curiosities. Look close and you'll see ordinary Muggle stuff in the shop front displays. I was instantly reminded of Mr. Weasley who was always so fascinated by ordinary Muggle things. The rubber duck scene was simply hilarious!

Beside the Museum of Muggle Curiosities was the Cogg and Bell Clockmakers shop that had gold displays of huge clocks. This was supposed to be a clock repair shop so obviously there was no need for it to be more than display.

Another one of the display shops that Abbie and I enjoyed taking pictures of and observing was the Weeoanwhisker's Barber Shop.  A red and purple store front, this barber shop had really funny advertisements painted over and around it.

I took photos of some of the ads.
I think I need a wig liner like that, I'm dealing with a lot of dark people and arts hexes lately! *laughs*

A Pumpkin Juice Advertisement painted in Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley Arts Club sign
Look around for more cool display signs while you're there!

The public conveniences building has advertisements and signs all over! There were more hair potion signs, some Honeydukes advertising (which can be found in Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure), anti fungal products, and etc. We stood here siping the first butterbeer of our trip because it right across from the Fountain of Fair Fortune (butterbeer shop) and Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour. Right beside it is Gringotts and that majestic escaped dragon. Look close and you can see the wing in that picture above!

A Potions for All Afflictions display shop is placed near one of Knockturn Alley's entrance/exit.
That display was animated! It was fun to watch and if you have the right light without glare you can actually take a good picture here!

The Gilderoy Lockhart collections' displays are always joy to watch! These were originally at Hogsmeade but can now be seen at Diagon Alley as well.

A House-Elf Placement Agency display shop! This was so cool. Instant reminder of S.P.E.W, which by the way I strongly support!

I stopped after every little while to observe the level of detail they'd put into the design of Diagon Alley. There are layers of topsy turvy, rickety rockety buildings. Each one has different colors, looks, themes, and styles. The pale white Gringotts building had an eye catching blue Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment building across it with a glistening gold goblin statue in the middle. All the colors and details contrast against each other beautifully leaving fans completely stunned and amazed!

A tall building that had various professions advertised on it held this entirely broken metal knight inside. This was one of the interactive wand experiences you can try your hand at if you've bought one of the interactive wands at the park. When a spell is cast using an interactive wand this knight attempts to put himself back together. I thought this was a really cool display and I could see people's kids going crazy trying to cast spells on it!

I loved the inclusion of Harry Potter's merpeople in the park! This statue fountain is another interactive wand experience where casting a spell right makes water pour out of this fountain statue. It was gorgeous and fierce .. I just don't know how many times I can repeatedly appreciate the detail that has gone into this park without it sounding boring to me. It is just simply mind blowing awesome!

Each and every corner of Diagon Alley is painted with ads and signs. You really have to keep your eyes open extra wide and try not to blink too much or you'll feel like you missed out something!


  1. There were so many hidden treasures in Diagon Alley.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    S. L. Hennessy

    1. Yes, absolutely there were! I thought Hogsmeade was more experience based and Diagon Alley was more open-your-eyes-as-wide-as-possible-because-omg-so-much-to-see based :D


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