Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xenophilius's Quibbler and Others at Dervish and Banges

If just like me you absolutely adored Luna, you'll love every crazy-weird concept that was ever related to her too! When Abbie and I were exploring around Dervish and Banges, completely in love with every single thing in this awesome shop full of magic, I came across this display of Xenophilius Lovegood's Quibbler magazine. They were on sale and they advertised a pair of Spectrespecs with each copy!

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Check out that funky cool display! I'm actually wondering now why I did not think of picking up a copy and at least flipping through it to see what it was like. Seriously you idiot, why didn't you? But then I wonder what if the copies were sealed packed and maybe I did not miss anything? Yeah possibly, because otherwise people would just steal away those Spectrespecs, no? Okay whatever, let's just ignore that ...

If the Quibbler isn't creating enough excitement for everybody to catch the next flight and fly off to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, how about this? That is me modelling away a Gryffindor uniform! Of course that gorgeous muffler is my own! These uniforms are part of the awesome collection of merchandise sold at Dervish and Banges! They are super expensive (think a hundred bucks expensive!) and I didn't feel like buying one so I just tried one on and took a picture!
Now let's see a couple of other stuff that is being sold at Dervish and Banges!

Dervish and Banges has a lot of really cool stationery on display for sale. I bought the Hogwarts journal (from a cart like thingy right outside Dervish and Banges, but it is sold inside too!) and it is happily displayed in my Potter themed bookshelf right now. I still haven't written in it but I'm thinking about printing pictures from our Harry Potter vacations instead and using it as a scrapbook!

There is even quills and wallets and other really awesome stuff that Potterheads can totally go crazy drooling over!

I absolutely absolutely absolutely LOVED the cushions, especially the Gryffindor one which was red and gold. They are beautiful and look absolutely majestic in those perfectly placed lights right above them. Even though I was tempted to buy one I decided not to because it wouldn't have gone with the theme of my girly room.

Remembralls and Sneakoscopes

Dervish and Banges, other than selling stationery, also sells a lot of Quidditch related merchandise. Check out the Triwizard Tournament uniform and that beautiful cup!

Bludgers from Quidditch

Anddddddddddddd I saved my favorite one for the end. The first and second time we visited we found this super duper cool Monster Book of Monsters for sale! It was supposed to move and bite too! We would have bought it but we decided to postpone that, which turned out to be a bad decision because when we went the next year we couldn't find where they were anymore. I'm not sure if they stopped selling it or just changed its place, or maybe we were blinded because of the Potter awesomeness all around!

The Monster Book of Monsters leads me on to discuss the displays of Dervish and Banges! Because it has some pretty cool ones!

My favorite display has got to be a caged Monster Book of Monsters sitting in the center of the shop. From time to time it growls and rushes forward to bite passersby and observers! I love it! Abbie and I've taken lots of videos and spent quite some time simply standing and laughing at the monster! *laughs*

I love this picture I've taken! I took it by placing my camera's lens right between the spaces in the cage! It came out to be a classic!


The ceiling display of Dervish and Banges has broomsticks mounted on stands. They rise and fall in the air slightly from time to time.

This trunk, complete with all the balls from Quidditch sits in the window display of Dervish and Banges. It shakes (like the one in the movies!) after every little while!

An above-the-shelves display inside the shop!

This gorgeous wands' display is placed behind the cashiers' counter in the shop and is signed by all the DA members too. I love this so much! I wish this was on sale too! Somebody needs to take ideas from me seriously! *laughs*


  1. I just can't believe you have gone with this theme through out the challenge. Bravo to you!

    1. Thank you Thea!!! I'm super happy I was able to myself :D

  2. This seems like a fun store!
    Only 2 days left of A to Z...


    1. Yesssssss! I'll miss doing the A to Z when it's over! :) I met so many awesome bloggers thanks to it!
      Hope to stay in touch with you :)

      The store is really awesome! They have SO many things to look at, choose from, and explore .. it's wonderful!


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