Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spring Shopping ~ A Craft and Decor Shopping Haul

What I love the most about Spring is the shopping! All the clothes they sell turn colorful and bright and so does all the other stuff. I'm a huge colors' person and it is the perfect season to shop! I bought LOTS of awesome stuff this Spring season too. While I found some really pretty clothes as well, this entry is a picture haul of all the craft and decor shopping I got lucky with!

My Super Awesome Spring Shopping
That's ALL my craft and decor Spring shopping!

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Chalkboard Love
Don't we all know the hype of all chalkboard related stuff these days? It is so difficult to control myself around these!

Colored chalk is something I'm super drooling over! Think of all the doodles I'll be making with these pretty darlings!
This magnetic chalkboard easel was such a great find! I think it needs a little bit of a redecoration to suit my room and style!
How adorable is a tiny framed chalkboard?! *squeals in excitement*

Burlap-y Goodness
Of course burlap is the new craze this season! Abbie is in love with burlap ... No seriously, if burlap was a person, she'd marry him!

All that brown raw-ish rough look isn't for me but when I found these adorable girly chic flowers I couldn't resist!

Cool & Chic
Throw in cool chic and cute and you have Saraallie dancing around with joy!

Isn't that absolutely gorgeous? I found this coral lantern thingy at a FAB price and bought it instantly. I'm planning to use this for my bathroom makeover!
Sometimes there are certain things that just drive you crazy and you end up falling in love. Denim and polka dots are two things that have that effect on me. When I came across this combination of both I grabbed this headband off the shelf and put it in my cart immediately!
Must. Try. This. On. Soon!!!

This is just a crafts and decor shopping haul! Stay tuned for some fabulous Spring clothes too!


  1. I am cruising by on my A to Z Road Trip. I love all things chalkboard but don't own one. Isn't that crazy. Those burlap flowers are wonderful.

    Smidgen Snippets & Bits

    1. You should buy one! It's so much fun doodling randomly on it! I'm planning to glue a fancy ribbon or something to mine to make it prettier but I still haven't done that :D
      I love the burlap flowers too!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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