Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Welcoming Gubby ~ It's a Girl Cupcakes

When our darling Gubby was born we were ecstatic. We couldn't contain our happiness. She was the first baby in my family, my brother's little darling daughter, and my first ever niece. It was beyond belief awesome. We just couldn't decide what all to do to celebrate! Of course I wanted to do something grand to welcome my beautiful Gubby to the world and to announce her arrival. We threw a grand high tea party in her honor but in addition to that we also distributed cupcakes to all our close ones and acquaintances. The It's a Girl! Cupcakes were both an announcement favor and cupcakes served at the welcome party. I came up with five different designs for the cupcakes and then set about baking and decorating my heart out. Mama prepared the ribbons for the packaging. Abbie prepared the favor baby bottles that we added to the favor box and gave out at the party.
Oh and we all smooched Gubby a gazillion times meanwhile all of this happened!
Time to see all five designs and close ups (I know, best part, right? Right!)!

My first design was all about cushion-y welcomes and baby carriages. My favorite part about this cupcake was the tufted fondant base adorned with green pearls. It looked so cute, just like my Gubby baby doll. Abbie cut out the cupcake toppers. It was such a genius idea, really! She cut the carriages out of paper cups! So cool! We served the same cups at the party so it all matched!

The second design screamed 'It's a Girl!' using Hershey's Kisses! I imprinted the fondant with a flowery pattern and then stuck pretty flowers on it and added a pink Hershey's Kiss that had the girly label. It was two in one ... a delicious cupcake and a chocolate! Yumm yumm!

The third design was the classic frosting swirl in a very bright pink shade. I embellished the entire swirl with colored sixlets that looked like pearls and were just oh-so-girly. Then I added a heart on top of each cupcake to symbolize our love for the Gubby bubby baby doll!

My fourth design was about Gubby's arrival! The joy of Gubby being born felt as beautiful and exciting as blossoming flowers ... our lives literally felt as if they had blossomed with a million colorful flowers. So that's what the cupcake was too; a garden with blooming flowers all around. A path down the middle had baby feet (made out of candy) too. So adorable!

The fifth and final design was my favorite. It was a girly dress! The dress's top was made out of red fondant which I had imprinted with floral patterns. There was a gold pearly belt too and a fluffy ruffled white bottom. It looked so much like an adorable baby girl's dress that I fell in love with it!

That's how beautiful the entire cupcake box looked. Those baby bottles were full of candy and had a label that said, 'Maryam' which was my Gubby's name. (Gubby is a nickname I came up with and that's what I call her!)

When the cupcakes were served at the high tea party they looked gorgeous!
Of course, not as gorgeous as my dolly doll Gubby looked!

Some random cupcakes in pink color were also arranged on a cupcake tree stand! Lots more were placed in trays and around the desserts table. It was so awesome (and of course I plan to blog about the gorgeous themed party later!).

We got that label printed. It said, 'Sweet Treats by Team Phuppo.' Phuppo means aunt in the Urdu language. We got similar pin badges customized too which Abbie and I wore throughout the party! It was all so beautiful and the cupcakes were so delicious. I can't wait till Gubby grows up, looks at all these pictures, and gets to know how much her aunties were delighted when she was born!
I love you Gubby! More than you can ever understand *insert a gazillion kisses here*!

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  1. So, will Gubby call you Phuppo Sara and Phuppo Abbie? ;-) These cupcakes were the beginning of Gubby-mania for you: look at the celebrations you held for her each month, the cakes you baked, the decorating you did. I suspect EVERYONE, not just Gubby, will know how special she is to you. *special hugs for Team Phuppo*

    1. Phuppi or Phuppo (nick) is the word used for paternal aunts in Urdu but there is another term called 'Buaa' which I think has Indian origins from back when India/Pakistan used to be one country. They used to call my Nani (maternal grandma) Bua and we loved the term so that's what we've taught Gubby. Gubby calls Abbie Buaa. I wanted to have some distinction between Abbie and me so I came up with Buee (younger Bua). So it's Abbie Bua and Sara Buee now :D And she says both so adorably it makes my heart melt! <3
      Gubbymania. THANK YOU FOR THAT! I love it and I will be using it from now on! :D
      Thank youuuuuuuuuuu for the special hugs!

      (See, your comments always make me THISSSSSSSS happy!) :D


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