Wednesday, September 28, 2016

October Photography Month 2016 ~ Prompts List

October is arriving at last and if you don't already know from the many times I have had an excitement fit here on my blog this is my favorite time of the year! My birthday month October is super awesome for a million reasons. First, I was born, duh! Second, Fall is here, and it is my favorite season. Third, the heat is gone and so will the ugly bugs once it becomes cold outside. Fourth OCTOPHOMO! Yesssssss, this year I am once again participating in the month long photography challenge. It runs on Prose Box but I have found I am ever ever able to keep up there so just like last year once again I will be posting the pictures right here on my beautiful blog. Let us take a second to give a special thanks to the host Cat Mommy who is the wonderful person bringing everyone together yet again this year (you can find her OctoPhoMo profile right here!). Thank you Cat Mommy for hosting OctoPhoMo 2016! Next, here's this year's prompt list ...

October 01
Joy OR Sorrow

October 02
Light OR Dark

October 03
Color OR Black & White

October 04
Sweet OR Savory

October 05
Water OR Land

October 06
Pride OR Shame

October 07
Patriotic OR Passionate

October 08
Devious OR Delightful

October 09
Birth OR Death

October 10
Horror OR Comedy

October 11
Wood OR Metal

October 12
Smooth OR Rough

October 13
Lucky OR Unlucky

October 14
Love OR Hate

October 15
Left OR Right

October 16
Numbers OR Letters

October 17
First OR Last

October 18
Paper OR Plastic

October 19
Peaceful OR Chaotic

October 20
Nature OR Nurture

October 21
Haunted OR Empty

October 22
Rodents OR Birds

October 23
Hot OR Cold

October 24
Waking OR Dreaming

October 25
Book OR Movie

October 26
Matte OR Shiny

October 27
Sharp OR Dull

October 28
Masculine/Male OR Feminine/Female

October 29
Bravery OR Cowardice

October 30
Capture OR Freedom

October 31
Demons OR Saints

So excited for October and OctoPhoMo 2016 to begin!
Hope I can keep up and post awesome photos like I did last year!


  1. Looking forward to this!

    1. I'm so excited! It's going to be awesome :D


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