Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Hot Pink Handbag Is All You Need

Oh my God! Oh my God! OMG!!! OH EM JEEEEEE! As you know, my twenty fifth birthday was just celebrated and it was the most glitzy, most beautiful, uber special event of the year! I love birthdays so much. I wait for my birthday all year every year and when it finally arrives I go crazy with excitement. What's not to love about birthdays? I love the excitement of turning a new age and the happiness of having an entire day to celebrate you - an entire day to celebrate ME! Wow. I love the cakes, the celebration, the posing for pictures, the gifts! OHHHHHHHH THE GIFTS! I got super special gifts this year too but one of them was simply too awesome. The kind of awesome that makes you weak at the knees. The kind you fall in love with truly madly deeply, you want to keep hugging it, and looking at it ... no, actually staring at it, yeah, staring unblinkingly. You're just obsessed with it! You know what I mean? I'm talking about the hot pink handbag Abbie gifted me! TO DIE FOR!

It's a Betsey Johnson hand bag in a hot pink vibrant shade and a big beautiful black and white bow on its front. The bow and the bag's chain strap are gold and the bag itself is tufted. Tufts! Hot pink tufts and gold accents. Are you hearing me? Are you seeing this? Are you understanding how awesomely gorgeous this handbag is?! It is making me drool uncontrollably! Can we go somewhere already so I can dress up just to carry this on my arm?

Thank you Abbie darling for this beautiful - no, sorry - FANTABULOUSLY GORGEOUS handbag! I love it. I love it so very much I still have it on my bed (on purpose, not out of laziness) because I just don't want to put it away with the rest of my pretty handbags just yet. Twenty fifth was super memorable with the beautiful XoXo skyline decor, the gorgeous Coffee Rose cake, and this gorjabulous pink bag all thanks to Abbie! (Pictures of everything shall be up on the blog soon!) I'm super excited to begin my twenty fifth year of life and I shall sashay my silver year away with this pretty hot pink bag on my arm.


  1. I'll bet you have just the outfit to go with it, too. Pic, please?

  2. I'll bet you have just the outfit to go with it, too. Pic, please?


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