Monday, April 3, 2017

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Behold the most delicious, the moistest, the yummiest banana chocolate chip cupcakes on the face of this Earth! They're so moist and taste so banana-y it's crazyyyyyy! I had been craving some kind of banana baked goodness one day when these happened. They turned out so good it was like God had answered my cravings!

Are you ready to hear this? Brace yourselves.
This delicious cupcake has a banana sponge loaded with chocolate chips which melt to perfection when baked. I was in heaven the instant they came out of the oven and I placed the first bite in my mouth. The banana flavor literally oozes out creating that OOMPH inside your mouth. Mmmm mmmm .... I think I've never made a more delicious banana cupcake ever before (and let me tell you I have baked banana stuff loads of times!). This one was like PERFECT! It was the kind of flavor explosion that literally MELTED in my mouth.

Do you see the load full of chocolate chips that I put into this batter?

I absolutely love the way banana and chocolate pair together. It's like a match made in Heaven. Soulmates. They complement complete each other perfectly. It's like a beautiful relationship that was just meant to be. So naturally when I thought of how to decorate these delicious cupcakes my instant thought was CHOCOLATE. For the fancy effect I added a fondant flower too embellished with gold dragees over centers that I painted red!

Beautiful, isn't it? I think it's stunning. Something about a perfectly piped chocolate frosting swirl looks like fine art to me. It is gorgeous! For these out-of-the-world-crazy-amazing banana chocolate cupcakes I chose my Death By Chocolate chocolate frosting. It's the most delicious and chocolaty frosting I know of. I could eat buckets full of it and never get tired. Seriously. Top that divine frosting with mini chocolate chips too ... OKAY, I HAVE DIED.
No no nooooooo there's more!!! I haven't shown the world the INSIDES yet!

Wait for it. Get ready. Hold something so you don't fall of your chairs or sofas or whatever your bum is resting on ... it may be too much to handle!

Told you it was too much to handle! If you look at that properly you can actually see - can even imagine - the moistness of this cupcake. You can see that stickiness that the bananas and sugar created when caramelized and baked together. You can see the melted and gooey chocolate chips. You can see how DIVINE these banana chocolate chip cupcakes are!

It's been a while since I baked these yet the taste was such a forget-me-not that it still lingers in my foodie thoughts. Yummy! Oh and also look at that perfect domed chocolate frosting ... look at how fluffy it is (notice those air bubbles) and imagine - just IMAGINE - what an absolutely scrumptious taste it must have been.

Oookay I can't take it anymore! I.MUST.BAKE.THESE.AGAIN! Mmmm mmmm ....

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  1. Those look amazing! If only I wasn't on Weight Watchers... (sigh)

    1. It doesn't count if you're just watching sweet stuff, right? :)

  2. Mouth watering pictures. I am now craving for banana chocolate cake. They are my fav too. Shall fetch one tomorrow. :)

    1. Thank you Dipanwita :D Hope you enjoy your banana chocolate cake!

  3. These look so delicious! And sound super yummy! :)

    With Love,


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