Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Delicious Snickerdoodles

What's coated in cinnamon sugar on the outside and super soft and sweet on the inside? What feels like a sugary cloud inside your mouth? What tastes so delicious it makes you want to sit down because your knees are giving away?


See that crunchy shiny cinnamon sugar coating? That is my favorite part about these cookies. Actually, wait, no. I think that extremely sugary taste and the soft centers that almost feel like a creamy dreamy cloud are my favorite. Either way this cookie tastes like a dream!

Even the making of the Snickerdoodles is as awesome as the cookies themselves. I actually find it pretty therapeutic. The dough for the Snickerdoodles is just as soft and comforting as the cookies and rolling out the balls and then coating them in delicious cinnamon sugary goodness feels so good to my hands. One day they'll come out with a research which declares Snickerdoodles' making as an officially proven stress reliever. True story!

People are used to eating flatter Snickerdoodles but I like my Snickerdoodles fat and chewy. Every single time I bake these everybody goes crazy. They are Abbie's favorites and since last year Gubby loves them too. They have frequently been a part of our Ramadan favors and goodies bags too (an annual treat we send out to our neighbors and friends) and every single time people are raving about them. They're VERY popular because they're VERY delicious! To me they taste and feel like dessert rather than just a snacking cookie. YUMMMMMM!

When they're baking they fill the house with the most amazing smell. You can pick the cinnamon and sugar off the air - literally. Once out of the oven they are irresistible! The tops of the Snickerdoodles sink in ever so slightly as they cool so there's a dip on the top that signals perfection. The insides are - like I said - a dream! These are undoubtedly my most favorite cookies! TOO DELICIOUS!

Go on, admit it ... you so want to reach out and grab that Snickerdoodle!

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  1. Replies
    1. Oh they were absolutely out of this world! :D
      Thank you!

  2. Oh yum! These look so mouth watering.

    1. Thanks Jennifer!
      I love how they are so soft on the inside and then there's that crunch of cinnamon sugar on the outside. YUMM!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm hoping you meant to write 'do look' and not 'don't look' :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I hear of these a lot in US books etc and I'm yet to try one. I don't think we have them in the UK

    1. Aww really? Come to think of it actually even I've never heard of the Snickerdoodles elsewhere other than the US.
      Well, I hope you get to try some soon because they're crazy delicious :)


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