Thursday, April 6, 2017

Eid Elegance Cupcakes

When the time came to celebrate Eid I was ready with my beautiful cupcakes!
These cupcakes were screaming elegance, tasting delicious, and looking drop dead gorgeous.

My idea behind the Eid Elegance Cupcakes was to create a beautifully themed cupcake box. I was thinking of laces and pearls and little intricate details that would add the big WOW to my cupcakes. I baked my absolutely delicious Mocha cupcakes and frosted them with Coffee Buttercream so not only did these beauties look stunning but they also tasted scrumptious. I chose the colors red and white for my design and then embellished them with pops of gold for that grand effect.

Time to show off each design in detail!
Get ready for breathtakingly gorgeous close ups and zoomed in shots!

For my first design I chose a quilted look with flowery indents. Matching the floral indents in the quilt pattern I added a white fondant flower on top which had centers studded with gold dragees. On one side of the cupcake was a beautiful lacey design (which was my personal favorite!) and to complete the look I embellished the quilted design with some more gold dragees. It looked stunning! It looked like some kind of fancy dress instead of a regular casual edible cupcake! Beautiful!

For the second design I created a flow-y feel with some white fondant and then used gold dragees for that pop of awesomeness. Simple and elegant!

The third cupcake had to have the word 'EID' on it and I somehow wanted it to go with the elegant and fancy theme yet have all emphasis on the word itself. So I embossed red fondant with a spiral design and then added gold dragees around 'EID'. It was perfect! The main spotlight stayed on Eid while the spirals carried out that flow-y theme and the gold dragees delivered the elegance.

I wanted more and more lace on my cupcakes. I think I am in LOVE with lace. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I am. So for the fourth cupcake's design I went all lacey! This one featured contrasting white lace against a red fondant background and then I added pearls all over to create more dimension. LOVED THIS ONE!

The fifth design featured more quilted designs with flowers and dragees!

And for the last and final cupcake I went all lacey again!
This time I placed the lace design in the center and embellished it with white pearls again.
White on white against the bright red looked so beautiful!

Now isn't that an absolutely stunning cupcake box?
They look like pieces of jewelry inside that box. They were simply too pretty to eat, I swear!

A handmade, freshly home baked cupcake box complete with a theme put together with immense love and hard work. What could be a better gift than this? What could be more special than these cupcakes on a festival or occasion? Truly special. Truly a gift to remember!

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  1. These look absolutely delicious. I didn't know that cupcakes were made for Eid also. I've always had Sheer-Kurma at my friend's place for Eid. Your cupcakes are almost like art pieces - intricate and beautiful. I'm not sure I'd have the heart to eat such beauties. :)



    1. Aww thanks Vinodini! So happy to hear that!
      I bake for any and all occasions! Cupcakes for Eid were actually a brilliant idea! :)

  2. These are amazingly beautiful. You are very talented. Wow. My Virtual Vineyard


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