Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oops! The Melting Ice Cream Cake

You'd think a fallen ice cream is a sad sight but here's a rare occasion where it's the most awesome thing you'll see!
Behold, this gorgeous cake, one of my finest creations!

My Gubby darling, my baby niece, the love of my life turned an year and a half old one day and I decided to celebrate it! "1.5 is no birthday to celebrate," they said but hey, life is an occasion and I wish to celebrate every moment. Besides, I always need excuse to make and decorate cakes. so basically all is fair in love and ... umm ... cake! Go figure!

The entire experience of making this gorgeous wacky cake was BRILLIANT. I had so much fun doing this one that I could make ten more and never get bored. The watercolor effect of the cake was achieved by being super messy and adding splotches of color to the sides before smoothing them out and witnessing the magic. Then I poured chocolate glaze all over the top and let it drip down the sides. I then added a big cake ball to the top which was to be the scoop of ice cream on the cake, glazed that too. A shower of sprinkles was needed! Then I dipped a cone in some glaze, sprinkle coated it, and added it on top of the scoop. Finally I made the little frame banner thingy that read '1.5'!

... and TADAAAAAAAAAA! SUCH a beautiful cake! It really did look like a delicious chocolate ice cream fell on this cake and melted all over! The gorgeous colors though were the show stopper and my most favorite feature of this cake!

Okay, time for details! I usually show off my cakes top to bottom, but in this case we're starting at the bottom and going up the gorjabulousness. Okay? Okay!

At the base of the cake I piped some white dots using buttercream and then embellished them with these cute little flower sprinkles I had. The white broke the color on the sides and the sprinkles toned down everything at the cake's base.

MY FAVORITE PART! This beautiful beautiful beautiful water color effect on the sides of the cake. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what magic looks like. Think about it, if magic was some visible object THIS is what it would look like. Look at all the colors and the way they blend and how perfectly they flow. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm in love! Deep deep deep kinda love! I LOVE IT SO MUCH I STILL CAN'T GET OVER IT (my baby is two years old now!)! Imagine. Oooooh wait wait, check out that glaze dripping to perfection over the gorgeous colors. PER-FECT. Expecto Perfectum (oops sorry, Potterhead interference!)

On the top of this beauty the cake was covered in delicious chocolate glaze *coughs*melted ice cream *coughs* and then showered with colorful sprinkles. I also added hearts because ... well, I love Gubby too much!

That cute little 1.5 sign stood on top of the cake and that little yellow star was just a Gubby reference because she'd fallen in love with Twinkle Twinkle (I like to sing to her in really funny ways!) and I really wanted her to shout out in excitement and point at the star when she'd see the cake!

This wacky fallen melted ice cream needs no explanation! The scoop was ALL cake ... imagine if ice cream cones had cake and ice cream both in their scoops ... would be the perfect kind of life, wouldn't it? SNAP OUT OF IT. We're talking about this cake right now! *laughs*

I know, I know, I already showed the sides off but heyyyyyyyy, it's my most favorite part of this cake's design. I mean, just LOOK at it. The colors are so beautiful the way they blend together and create all the shades of a rainbow on there. Then the glaze drizzles on top just perfectly. *Sighs* This is just too much beauty for me to handle!

This cake is on top of my favorites list - no doubts there!
It was a master piece! One of my finest creations!

Just as expected, Gubby LOVED the cake. She pointed out each and everything on the cake with super duper excitement and every single second of her appreciating my work made me swell with delight. My adorable baby doll *insert a million hearts and hugs and kisses here* ... the love of my life. We handed her a spoon and let her do whatever she wanted and she ended up taking the glaze off from the top and licking it. She loved it! She loved the fallen 'aa teem' (ice cream) and the star and the sprinkles and the colors and EVERYTHING I'd put on that cake for her.

I'd added a touch of color inside the cake too! It was a funfetti sponge layered with peanut butter frosting inside and SO delicious you could eat the entire thing in one sitting and still crave for more. Gubby got to taste some cake too and she loved it! You know, every single time I bake a cake for someone and I see them love it it feels so good. I feel proud and happy! But when I bake for Gubby and I see her appreciate everything about my masterpiece I feel a unique and incomparable kind of delight and peace inside my heart. It feels like somebody blew a happy balloon inside me! A balloon that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And once again those colorful sides. Just because I'm so much in love with them!

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This entry belongs to the April A to Z Blogging Challenge that I'm participating in this year!


  1. You actually made that?
    Wow, like totally wow.
    And i love your blog design. Its so beautifully colorful.

    1. Yes, I actually made that :)
      And it's made me so happy to have WOW-d you like that :D
      Thank you for the lovely comment! I hope you'll stay in touch!

  2. Looks so sherbert-y :) le yum! A to Zer dropping in!
    Stephanie Finnell
    Quilts and Quotes theme
    @randallbychance on Twitter from

  3. How very very clever! Can you hear the applause I'm sending your way?

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Old 96er

    1. I sure can and I hope you can see me bowing and appreciating the applause :D
      Thank you so much Trudy!

  4. That's a work of art! Know what makes this cake exceptional though? The love you put into it. Bravo. Glad to have found this through the A to Z Challenge.


    O is for One Day From Payday Spicy Skillet Chicken

    1. Hey hey!
      You've got some of the best comments for me during this challenge!
      Thanks a lot for appreciating :)
      This cake indeed had lots of love put right into it!

  5. How absolutely stunning. I used to be a wedding cake business owner! Love your blog Sara! Great work! This one i am sharing on my page for sure!

    1. Oooooh wow! What a wonderful business to be in!
      Thanks for loving the blog, my work, and for sharing :D

  6. Excellent blog you have here, sooo cool!.. engagement cakes


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