Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pineapple Dreams ~ The ChocoNapple Dream Cake

This is what dreeeeee-ee-ee-eee-eeams are made of!
(I intended for you to read that in Hilary Duff's voice by the way!)
Today I want you to meet this dreamy pineapple cake with the perfect hint of chocolate and a look that's just so gorgeous to sweep you right off of your feet!

My idea behind the ChocoNapple Dream Cake was to create a cake that looked super classic and the kind of elegant that you'd find at the classiest and fanciest of cafe's. Know what I mean? I was thinking chocolate and cocoa and pineapple, and elegance, and fancy and shmancy, and the kind of delicious that blows your mind away. With those thoughts in mind I created this dreamy Chocolate and Pineapple Cake which not only fulfilled all of my ideas but far exceeded them! Time for detailed close ups - we start with the bottom of the cake first!

Tell me you aren't drooling right now? I know I am. I stuck a good load of chocolate chips along the sides of the cake at its bottom - it was perfect for that elegant-cafe-cocoa look that I wanted and once the cake would be cut up these chocolate chips would be a part of each and every piece. OMG. Can you imagine how delicious each bite of this cake would be?

I said I wanted this cake to be elegant, right? All around the sides I blew cocoa onto the cake. I mean it - I blew cocoa powder onto the cake. It splattered along the sides creating dark and light specks of cocoa at random everywhere and giving the sides a very dusty cafe-ish look. Perfect!

The top of this cake was my favorite! First I sprinkled over the top a good dusting of cocoa powder. A good and classic sprinkle of cocoa on the top matched the sides of the cake. Along the edge I piped a rounded border of vanilla buttercream and then added round chocolate candy melts to it. The candy melts matched with the chocolate chips along the bottom of the cake. Finally, I wanted to create a chocolate cage like look over the top of the cake. For that I shaped melted chocolate into a cage like shape and once set I added it on top of a pile of pineapples. Say that a hundred times super fast: pile of pineapples.

There you have it! The ChocoNapple Dream Cake! Once I'd placed it on the cake stand I decorated the base with some chocolate filled wafers and shards of chocolate that matched the cake on top. Some red roses and BAM you had the classiest and most beautiful cake right in front of you!

The cake was a stunner on the outside but I haven't told you about the insides yet. The cake was a vanilla sponge in which I'd soaked lots of pineapple juice. So the sponge tasted like a delicious combination of vanilla and pineapples. Oh and the chocolate chips - I added chocolate chips into the sponge too. Delicious! In the middle of the cake layers was a thick layer of vanilla buttercream filling with CHUNKS OF PINEAPPLES! Juicy, chunky pineapples! 

See those juicy chunky pineapples? OH MY GOD.
They're making my mouth water all over again as I type right now. 

Every single bite of this cake tasted like a sweet dream full of vanilla, pineapples, and chocolates. I can't tell you what the vanilla buttercream and pineapple combination tasted like inside my mouth - it was divine! It was no ordinary eating experience, I promise. It was a dream. It was the dreamiest filling combination I'd done so far! Seriously! This has to be my most favorite cake filling EVER!

This cake looked beautiful. The guests we had over that day thought we'd got it from a bakery. Imagine the sweet feeling of accomplishment I must have experienced when mama and Abbie explained that I was the creator of this beautiful master piece and that no, this wasn't from a pro bakery. Imagine! Ah, sweet sweet feeling of success.
This cake was truly what dreams are made of.
Sweet sweet dreams!

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This entry belongs to the April A to Z Blogging Challenge that I'm participating in this year!


  1. This is truly heavenly!!pppperfect..
    our current favorite netflix watch - The Great British Baking Show!!
    LadyInRead @ MyRandRSpace - Day 19 & Poppin-P

    1. Just perfect! I have to start watching the show myself! :D

  2. You're slowly desensitizing me to earthly cakes, the more I read about and see these works of art from heaven! Seriously, and I aspire to approach writing and coaching with the same love and vigor you do cooking! This has been an awesome discovery in the A to Z Challenge.


    P is for Too Many Projects, Not Enough Time (A Guest Post From Kathy of The Second Half of My Life)

    1. Aaahhhhhh this comment made my day! I could frame it and put it on display for a daily boost of confidence :D
      Thank you so much Eli!
      Good luck with your writing and coaching!

  3. Honestly, I never thought of adding pineapple to buttercream. It sounds glorious, especially when chocolate chips are added. MM-MM-GOOD!

    1. YESSSSSSSS. That combination is DIVINE. Try it.


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