Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quite Scrumptious Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

You might call these cookies, chocolates, or bite sized desserts - whatever the name - these Chocolate Thumbprints are absolutely delicious!

Not only is eating them super fun and an immensely pleasurable experience but even their making is absolutely amazing. I made the cookie dough first and then dipped it in an egg mixture so I could coat them in crushed nuts. YUMM! Once baked they're filed with this delicious icing and then the final addition of an entire Hershey's kiss on top blows my mind away! Somehow (and maybe it's just my obsession with baking!) I'd say the entire experience of baking these was a real stress reliever. These are like stress balls but in cookie form, covered in nuts, and topped with icing and Hersheys' Kisses. Ever heard of that kind of a stress ball?

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These cookies were really more than just your ordinary cookies. With the icing and the chocolate on top they tasted DIVINE. Oh and did I even mention how classy and gorgeous they looked? The nutty crunch with that chocolate cookie was so delicious. The sweet icing broke through the nuttiness in the most perfect of ways and the Hershey's Kiss was a killer. The chocolate becomes softer ever so slightly when placed in the icing so when you bite in you experience the most velvety sensation followed by a crunchy cookie, and finally a burst of chocolate peeking through a sweet sugary icing. It's an explosion of textures and flavors inside your mouth!

I actually did serve these cookies along with dessert. They looked and tasted just perfect with my Red Velvet Marbled Cheesecake Brownies and our guests that night were stunned by how gorgeous the dessert display looked. What's my point?: THESE COOKIES ARE SO DELICIOUS YOU CAN PASS THEM OFF AS BITE SIZED DESSERTS AND PEOPLE WILL GO CRAZY ABOUT YOU!

So perfect. So beautiful. I tell you, this picture looks more serene to my eyes and does more for my soul than a picture of any calming nature scene. True story. These right here are the most perfect kind of dessert-ish cookies in the world ... *walks away to immediately bake more*

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  1. Those cookies look like a topographical Wonder of the World. Like, I'd love to live in those mountains. You've ruined mortal thumbprint cookies for me forever.


    Q is for Quote Challenge

    1. Hahahaha! That sounds so cool! I am super happy to have ruined them for you, hahaha! :D Thanks a lot for the lovely comments!

  2. You have THE MOST WONDERFUL IDEAS! Love this combination of cookie, nuts, icing and chocolate. And yes, they are definitely dessert worthy.

    1. Hey hey I won't take all the credit! The cake designs are all from my head but a lot of the baking I do otherwise is recipes I find online and in books :D
      Thank you SO much for appreciating always!


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