Monday, April 24, 2017

Tempting Chocolate Overload Cake

There are some things that you just need in your life - no questions asked, no explanations needed. Chocolate is on top of that list. I can't imagine a world without chocolate. Maybe some demon realm with all hope lost and nothing but a despondent sense of nothingness, yes ... but this world, no. Nobody should live a life without chocolate. Nobody!

The Chocolate Overload Cake.
It presides there, basking in the glory of its deliciousness.

The reason why I've named this cake 'Chocolate Overload' is because the cake itself is super chocolaty and when you drizzle (that's more than a drizzling, actually) that delicious chocolate glaze on top you have a chocolate explosion ... a chocolate overload! A good kind of overload. A sinfully delicious kind of overload. But that's okay, because you can never have too much chocolate.

Some people find waterfalls and lush green landscapes peaceful. I find serenity in each step of my baking experiences; drizzling and pouring glazes and sauces tops my list of stress relievers. I mean ... look at that pouring glaze ... the way it leaves the glass cup, the way it falls, the way it first touches the cake ... the way it piles slightly for a second or two before it begins spreading the deliciousness all around. Just look at it.


Once the glaze is poured over this cake - too good!
This is a chocolate lover's dream come to life in the most scrumptious way possible.
Oh and just look at how the killer awesome chocolate glaze shines. So good!

Oh my God, I'm drooling and I haven't even gotten to explaining the cake's taste yet! The taste of this one ... mmm mmm! Divine. Deadly. Delicious.

Each bite of this cake tastes extremely chocolaty. The cake's sponge is packed with chocolate punches. It's the perfect kind of dry-moist combination. It's not the kind of fudgey moist cake that reminds you of brownies but it's not dry or pound cake like either. It's some sort of mid level perfection with a crumbly texture. There's a suspiciously awesome ever-so-slightly-crunchy crumb in this cake's sponge owing to the use of yogurt in its recipe. I believe it curdles with the rest of the cake batter and creates the kind of crumble that's moist. So imagine a deeply chocolaty sponge with a moist light chocolaty crumb. Yummm ... but that's not it. Just as the crumbly chocolate explodes into your mouth your senses are also hit by a mind-blowing kind of sweet and velvety chocolate glaze. Rich. Very rich. That glaze is very rich. The soft glaze and the crumble combine together in a heavenly combination inside your mouth.

All your chocolate fantasies, all your love for chocolate, answered in a simple not-so-simple cake loaf. It looks innocent but it's a killer. It's just too good to handle! It numbs your senses and lulls your taste buds with its delectable fantabulousness!

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  1. I am at the loss of the words...tempting, inviting, photos and narration...oh it so killing...Have mercy...Pl find a way to dish our your cakes and bakes right through the blog itself!
    Yummy, lip licking read :)
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

    1. Hahahaha you know they really need to research on some form of technology that could actually let us do that! :D Thank you so much for appreciating! Means a lot to me :)
      Stay in touch <3

  2. I love chocolate anything. I think this cake would be delicious with vanilla ice cream. WeekendsInMaine

    1. Delicious? NO. It would be absolutely DIVINEEEEEEEEEE with vanilla ice cream!

  3. I opened this post wrong time! It is 8.30 am and I havent even had breakfast.. and this! Oh MY GOD! I am so with you about "overload" being a normal way a chocolate lover will have her chocolate cake. for now, I will just go and scoop some nutella. :-( or may be a mug cake.

    1. Hahaha! You're welcome for the early morning cravings I might have caused :D

  4. I can't tell you how good this looks and how much I feel like eating this right now. In fact, I need to go and find some chocolate to eat now because I'm really craving it!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Hahaha! Julia, so glad I could lead you towards eating some chocolate! Chocolate can never go wrong!


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