Monday, April 17, 2017

The New Moon Sugar Cookies ~ Gorgeous White & Gold

If you've been a fan of Sara's Baked Creations you'd have seen these New Moon Sugar Cookies before as well. Yes, that's right, these were a part of the Ramadan favors box Abbie and I came up with back in 2015. I had blogged about these beautiful cookies back then as well when I'd showed off the very amazing Ramadan favor bowl! Today it's time to show these off again and in detail!

Abbie had wanted to send Ramadan greetings to our neighbors and friends in some unique kind of way - something special to remember and cherish. So she came up with the idea of sending Ramadan favors to everyone and in the year 2015 we sent out our first Ramadan favors' bowl which was all the rave!

Abbie had wanted something extremely elegant and beautiful for the favors bowl and also something that tied in to the Ramadan vibes. So I baked these crescent moon shaped sugar cookies, covered with fondant, and decorated with elegance and lots of love. Abbie suggested their name - The New Moon Sugar Cookies - in honor of the moon sighting done for the start of the month of Ramadan.

To create a cookie this pretty I took some white fondant, embossed it with swirly designs and then gave them a quilted effect. Then I added gold dragees all over the cookie in all the quilted indents. Finally, I wasn't satisfied until I added some sparkle and glitter to the cookies. The glitter was a very tiny detail but it delivered a big wow!

Don't they look beautiful? Check out some close ups taken in different lights so that the camera could catch the sparkle my eyes were seeing ...

The New Moon Sugar Cookies were everything we'd hoped for. The cookie was delicious and the crescent moon was very Ramadan-ish and traditional. The embossing and quilting on the fondant was very elegant and the gold dragees and the sparkle were just WOW. The colors white and gold worked perfectly for our favor bowl. This was the prettiest Ramadan favor bowl ever! What a wonderful way to send Ramadan greetings!

All the mouth-watering pictures in this post are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!
Sara’s Baked Creations is on Mission Sweetness! Sara and Abbie are hobby bakers who bake for friends and family only. We are not a commercial bakery business; it gives us joy to spread smiles while enjoying sisterhood and living our passion for baking.

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  1. Found you within five comments of me on the AtoZ blog. Love these. Very pretty. Want to catch up on the rest of your AtoZ's now.

    1. Hey hey!
      So glad you found me! I have so much A to Z reading catching up to do myself :D
      I'll be visiting soon too :)
      Stay in touch!

  2. Those are some amazing cookies! They look gorgeous and you can clearly see the love and care that's gone into baking them :)
    Today on my A-Z of my Favourite Things, N is for the Ninja Book Swap.

    1. Thank you so much Elena :) So so so happy when I get to convey my love through my baked goodies!


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