Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's Potter O' Clock!

What a time to be alive - it is HARRY POTTER O' CLOCK all around the world right now! Oh and what a beautiful place this world has become with all this renewed Potterness going on! I am going MENTAL here because I can't control myself around Harry Potter!

Merchandise Craziness!
Hot Topic has been making Abbie and I go absolutely nuts. Ever since The Cursed Child was published and then Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released Hot Topic has been loaded with Harry Potter merchandise. They've even been stocking new stuff which is just out of this world brilliant. Just when Abbie and I thought we'd bought everything we'd ever buy at Hot Topic ... BAM ... new merch got launched. How perfect! Since then we've bought lots of awesome things. Abbie got me my favorite Harry Potter Plush Doll, we bought the Owl Post Wallets, and currently as I type another order has arrived in store and is ready for us to pick up. This order is actually a fantabulous find because Hot Topic literally read our minds, understood our NEED for HP merch, and then sent some seriously amazing deals our way. As soon as I receive my new stuff I'll get around snapping pictures and blogging about it immediately! For now, let me just say this about the merch in our recent order: we got this particular item for less than half of its original price! IMAGINE! *goes off to browse the Hot Topic catalog again*

New Discoveries!
Yessssss people, Abbie and I were casually walking around the mall when suddenly everything went dark and then a ray of golden light shone from the Heavens and illuminated a shop near us: Box Lunch. We were pulled towards the shop automatically and upon entering winds blew and bells rang all around us. It was perfection. We had reached perfection. Okay no, I was exaggerating big time but the point is we were walking when we saw a new shop had opened up at the mall. When we went inside to check we were ecstatic because it turned out they had MORE Harry Potter merchandise! "OMG ABBIE MORE MERCH!!!" I squealed and then we indulged! We almost spent more money but then Abbie said she had some rewards to avail at Hot Topic so we controlled ourselves. I can't wait to go back and check out the new merchandise! Who knows what I'll find!

More Potter Magic Coming Up!
They aren't stopping and I'm not complaining! There's so much more the Wizarding World is promising. I've just heard there are two history-kind books going to be published sometime in October. I've also heard they're bringing some new kind of shopping experience that is Harry Potter themed. I haven't seen too many details about it but an article I read hinted that it'd be similar to The Exhibition. I'm guessing here, but does that mean these 'shops' will be traveling too? I'm also looking forward to the Fantastic Beasts sequels (JOHNNY DEPP TOO!) and the rest of the illustrated editions to get published. Oh oh oh, I also heard that there are rumors of some new ride or experience being planned at The Wizarding World in Orlando. Now THAT will be superb!

Back To My Magical World!
Drum rolls and applause please because yes I have once again (for the umpteenth time) started reading Harry Potter all over again! It is magical for each and every single time I go back to it it is always new and always extraordinary. Truly, Hogwarts is always there to welcome me home!

Possible Potter Vacation?
Ssssshhhhh, it's just a discussion but hey, at least this family has started talking! I'll keep my fingers crossed! Crossed super tight!

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