Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall 2017 Inspiration Board

If you're like me you'll agree that the season of Fall brings with it a tonne of inspiration. The changing colors, the crispness in the air, the vibe of everything starting over is just all so inspiring. Even before Fall begins you can feel it. It's like the air changes around the end of September and into October. It's like all of a sudden the world seems different as if you've put on a new pair of glasses and are looking at everything differently. Fall is festive and comforting. There comes excitement and coziness with the start of this season; there's a zeal to do everything you've ever planned and the laziness of ensconcing into a thick pile of snuggly blankets and doing nothing at all. I love Fall and it's no secret that I do and my Inspiration Board this month reflects my excitement for Autumn.

I've been so busy with a million things all year that whenever I found a little bit of time to do something for fun I never changed my inspiration board. Instead I chose to do other creative projects or just lie down and watch Netflix for a little bit. Not until Fall arrived did I feel super inspired and pumped up to redecorate my little board of inspiration here. So I got to work, collected some Fall stuff here and there, got my Fall graphics from last year, and after several moments of excessive scissor chopping sounds I had in front of me this gorgeous display! Let me show off some details from my inspiration board now!

In the very center of the board I added a 'Fall 2017' sign. I found this orange flowery print on a random corner of some page in a magazine which looked very Fall-ish and girly to me. I cut it out and then wrote Fall 2017 on it using a thick Sharpie and it looked perfect!

Everything I do has to have some cuteness and when I looked at this ad in a magazine I just cut it out to use later. I'd thought that I'd eventually end up using it in my planner but the cinnamony icing-y-ness (if that even makes sense!) of it looked perfect for my board so up it went with the rest of the graphics. It's like a daily reminder to laugh my troubles away! LMFO!

One of my favorite bits of my inspiration board this season are these crochet flowers. Guess who made these? My mother! Mama is such a pro and so fabulous at making gorgeous knitted/crocheted creations. She'd made these for me before and I'd displayed them once on my Fall board (I think two years ago!). Once again I've brought these out to be a part of this decor. I love them! I love the vibrant red color and I love how much texture and detail they add to my Fall decor. Mama has made them so beautifully! I'm thinking of getting her to make more in different colors too!

I saw this in a magazine and fell in love with it. It reminded me of myself. I love wearing different kinds of socks according to the season. Especially when I'm on a road trip I always wear cool looking socks and remember to take a classic picture. This was an ad for Gold Toe socks but it felt so ME that I put it up on my board for inspiration. Check out that super inspirational quote too, "Set your socks on seeing the world."

Love love love every little detail on the board! I've put up a 'Start to Fall' caption I'd found in a magazine against a super funky Fall ad from M&Ms Candies.

This is some genius advertising from M&Ms. I am a lover of food and with Fall being the birthday season of our family I enjoy lots of sweet and savory yummy stuff throughout the season. These M&Ms arranged to form leaves in the beautiful colors of Fall are a perfect reflection of all the deliciousness that I'll be enjoying around this time of the year.

Pumpkins are so Fall - duh! No explanations there, except the one that I loved how cute and vibrant this pumpkin looks. I love seeing how people find new ways to decorate pumpkins each year.

Some more pumpkins to set the Fall vibes. Again, these are so different than the last one there. I find it very inspiring to see so many designs for the same pumpkins. These are more traditional Fall pumpkin style. LOVED THEM!

And yet more pumpkins! These appealed to me because of that cute ghost on the bottom most pumpkin. How cute is she?! Yes, I decided it looked like a she ghost to me.

Look at that dried classic red leaf. It's more than an year old. I'd picked it up one day on another Fall season's gorgeous afternoon and it has stayed with me ever since. It's like that 'something old, something new' kind of feel for me with this leaf. Finally, those two cards with Autumn scenes in red and yellow are from the paint section of a shop that I'd picked up years ago. They were paint color inspirations and since I'm always looking for inspiration everywhere they instantly came back home with me! They're such classics!

My yellow string lights matched perfectly with the Fall Inspiration board too! It looks so beautiful altogether. Every time I am seated at my desk and I look at this board it sets me in this creative mood. It gets my brain working! I can't wait to experience the rest of Fall 2017! This is my season! This is my time! This is the most wonderful time of the year indeed!


  1. I love it. It looks so awesome- colourful and seasonal just perfect xx

    1. Thank you so much :D
      It's like a little bit of Autumn inside my room! :) Makes me happy!

  2. This is so cute! WHat a fun idea!


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