Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let the Harry Potter Funko Collection Begin

Drum rolls! Applause! Grand entrance music!
Attention everybody!!! It has begun! Oh and it shall be grand!
I have officially started my Harry Potter Funko Pops' collection with two very special pops and I have a feeling this will become an addiction. This blog post is to introduce to the world my very first Funko Pops and from now on each time I'll add to my collection I'll share the funko-ness right here!
My collection began when Abbie and I bought a Hogwarts Express Engine Pop with Harry Potter for ourselves - one for each one of us. Later, Abbie surprised me with a Mad Eye Moody Pop on my birthday which she placed on my bathroom's counter. Imagine my heart's condition when I found Moody sitting inside there looking at me (okay that sounds twisted and awfully wrong!)! I was screaming with joy!

Hogwarts Express Engine with Harry Potter
The first Funko Pop of my life, the one and only, the start of my addictive collection is a two in one Pop which has both the Express's Engine and Harry. Abbie and I found beautiful, heart warming, causing-stomach-drop-sensations kind of a deal at Hot Topic and combined with our Hot Cash this was too good to let go. We immediately picked up two boxes, one for each one of us, and came home that evening our hearts exploding with joy.

A shot of Harry peaking from inside the box (left) and the Pop unboxed (right)!
Oh and here's the unboxing video I made!

Stunning, isn't it?

The Hogwarts Express's engine is actually brilliantly detailed! It is the real thing in Funko form, promise! There's the logo, the colors, the tiny little details. It's so bloody brilliant!

Even the sides are so detailed! There's the sign thingy that says 'Hogwarts Castle' and the number sign too! It looks even more awesome-er in person!

The Harry Potter Funko Pop which comes with the Engine is so adorable! This isn't the way we had expected our first Potter Pop to be. Abbie and I had imagined that the Potter Pop we'd end up buying would be the one wearing Quidditch robes and carrying his broomstick on the side. However this one is super awesome too! I absolutely love the signature shirt and the broken glasses look for Harry!

See the tape on his glasses? Such tiny details so well captured on such a cute little Funko! This is what I love the most about these Pops that they are just so intricately detailed. Look at Harry's scar! Nailed every inch of Harry, these Funko makers. Scar, check. Broken glasses, check. Baggy shirt, check. Messy hair, check. Brilliance, check check check!

Mad-Eye Moody
The second Funko Pop in my collection is Mad-Eye Moody! This one very sweetly was a surprise birthday gift from Abbie. So a day or two before my birthday I randomly checked online and saw Moody's Pop available. So I went to Abbie and we had our hour long discussion about which Pops we were going to collect and why. Then I told her, "Let's sit tonight and order some for ourselves!" After a couple of hours when I went to my bathroom Mad Eye Moody was sitting on the counter. I swear, and I do not exaggerate here at all, I actually rubbed my eyes and checked again just to be sure I wasn't seeing it. IT WAS THERE! I screamed and ran all the way down the stairs to go and squeeze the wind out of Abbie in a bone crushing hug. She laughed and told me she couldn't wait until my birthday because I was planning on ordering Moody that night and her surprise would have gotten busted. Such precious memories behind this Funko Pop which I'll always remember!

Mr. Alastor Mad Eye Moody out of the box! And here's the unboxing video I made!

Again, I love love love the details captured on this Funko! This is even more detailed than Harry I think! They got everything right from his scars to his crazy eye ... EVERYTHING!

The Mad Eye is my favorite bit of this Pop. It literally matches the exact description Rowling wrote for Moody in the books. Check out the cracks and stitch marks and everything on his face and the hairy details of his eye brows. Look at the eye itself popping out! It almost looks like it'd start moving any second and go absolutely mental! Even a chunk on his nose is missing! BRILLIANT DETAILING!

The detail on his clothes is spectacular too! He looks like he'd shout in his growling voice any moment, doesn't he? I must be crazy, I know, but adding him to my Potterhead's Corner gave me such a sense of security *laughs*! It was like phew, he's going to be here now! Crazy, yes. But hey you've got to pay attention to what Professor Moody says. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!

This is the official start of my Harry Potter Funko Pops Collection! Whenever I'll add to it I'll be back with more awesome pictures and beautiful details! I have my eyes on many more Pops next. Dumbledore, Hagrid, Luna, Sirius .... MUST COLLECT THEM ALL!

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