Thursday, April 5, 2018

Eid Special - Cupcakes and Cookies

Okay let me just take the liberty to declare this today: we're officially the best people in the world! I mean, who gives such awesome cookies and cupcakes to their closed ones on Eid? Nobody. We're the best, thank you very much! *laughs*

Once upon a time, before Abbie came up with the idea of giving out annual Ramadan favors full of cookies and candies, we put together this beautiful Eid cupcakes and cookies box for some of our friends and neighbors. This was years ago and I still consider this to be one of my 'early baked creations'. Back then I didn't know half the baking and cake decorating techniques that I know today. Fondant was something I thought was 'advanced, difficult, and nearly impossible' for me. Even my photography skills weren't as awesome as they are today. *laughs* This was basic level cupcake decoration, yet it turned out so pretty. Of course, they tasted AH-MAZING too!

That's a top shot of the cupcakes box. I packed nine cupcakes per box. Three of them spelled the word 'Eid' and the rest had buttercream designs topped with candy decorations.

I made Vanilla Funfetti cupcakes for everyone. Funfetti is one of my favorite sponges. Has to be too, it has all those colors and looks so pretty! I used a mix of sprinkles to funfetti up my cupcake batter. Whenever I have mismatched sprinkles left I always combine them together into a fun medley and often use them up as funfetti bits in my batter. While my cupcakes were baking in the oven I was working on my candy decorations which included my hand piped henna motif design, the floral design from the Girly Pearly cupcakes I'd made previously, and roses. I embellished the henna motifs and floral piped candy decorations with some gold pearls and dusted the roses with some gold glitter. They looked so pretty when they were all done! Next it was time to frost the cupcakes!

They were SO adorable! The henna designs were perfect for Eid time and the roses and candy flowers were so pretty. I did three different kinds of piping with the three different kinds of toppers for variation in designs and it looked great!

Oh oh oh, did I mention we also had a box of cookies with each one of our cupcake boxes? Eid special cookies included the Snickerdoodles which taste just like a Desi mithai and so are a perfect treat for Eid. Along with the Snickerdoodles I baked fresh 'Naan Khataiyaan'. Naan Khatai is this typical famous Desi melt-in-your-mouth cookie with a hint of cardamom. It gives this instant OH MY GOD kind of taste in your mouth which you shall never ever EVER be able to forget! The cookies were ideal for the occasion and honestly if somebody had sent me such an awesome Eid favor box I would have squealed with joy and loved them forever! Again, aren't we just awesome?

When I was done baking and Abbie had packed it all up, mama tied everything together with a red ribbon. She does ribbons really well so she's the one who always does the wrapping and the packing! It looked so awesome! Such a perfect little favor gift thingy! Time for some close ups now ...

This one I piped like a star and added the red rose dusted with gold glitter!

This one had the typical (and my favorite) swirl of buttercream and the red henna motif as the cupcake topper. Each one of the motifs was embellished with gold pearls and looked so pretty!

Finally I used a French swirl of frosting and topped it with the candy flower I'd piped and embellished with gold pearls. These floral designs are so much fun to make from melted candy and they look so very pretty too!

Finally the cupcakes which spelled 'Eid'. I frosted them and then dipped them in red sugar crystals so they'd be glittery and flat on the top. Then I cut out alphabets from fondant and added them to the cupcakes. They were simple yet so pretty and announced the festival of Eid with a BIG wow!

Compared to my level of cake decorating skills today, these look so basic to me now. Yet, so very pretty! There's something about good old buttercream which is just elegance and beauty at its best!

Oh and that's an extra shot of my Eid greeting piped from leftover melted candy!

Last one, I promise! *laughs* I can't help it, they were so beautiful!

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  1. Those look awesome to me :) I can bake, but my decorating leaves a lot to be desired ;) What lovely gifts.
    Tasha's Thinkings - Movie Monsters

  2. I do like cupcakes. And these are certainly colorful!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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