Friday, July 13, 2018

Beds Empty, Car Gone! My Flying Ford Anglia!

Vroom vroooooom! Bshhhhh .... brrrr .... vrooooom ..... eckhhhhhh ...... *crash*
Oh look what just came crashing through! My extremely cool Ford Anglia!

To me, Arthur Weasley's flying Ford Anglia was a character on its own. Each and every appearance that the car makes in the books and the movies has become one of my favorite moments from the Chamber of Secrets. This car - this absolutely crazy mind-of-its-own car - came to Harry and Ron's rescue so many times! I still remember when the first time I had read the Chamber of Secrets I had been screaming in my head for somebody to come and rescue Harry from Privet Drive. The poor guy was literally living in a prison and then along came the twins and Ron in the Ford Anglia to save the day. Then it saved the day again when the Platform had shut itself off and again when the spiders had almost eaten up Harry and Ron. Such a useful car!

I spotted this Bump N Go Ford Anglia at the Wizarding World in Orlando and instantly knew I was going to buy it. When we went the next day, a day we dedicated solely to shopping, it was the first thing I purchased. Oh, how happy I was! It felt like bringing the actual car home with me! The toy car is a scaled down replica of the Ford Anglia and is so detailed you'd seriously think it had just flown out of that Whomping Willow crazy tree. Let me show you some detailed shots!

The bonnet or hood is bumped and scratched and dented and a head light is missing - possibly because the tree poked through it! It even has a number plate and everything and looks so real!

The sides and the top are just as badly scratched, dented, and bumped. Remember in the movies when a branch of the Whomping Willow hit the car from top like a hammer? Remember the oval-ish dent it left? My toy Ford Anglia even has that detail perfectly added to it. Check out the top of the car and you can actually see the oval-ish shaped dent where the Whomping Willow struck!

The back and the trunk of the car are just as perfect too. The broken mud guard thingies (not too cool with car jargon), the scratched tires, the damaged trunk. Every little detail is just perfect!

The Bump N Go Ford Anglia with its original box.

Hahahahahaha! Favorite scene! Love her so much!
Here's a little video I made to show off the details of my Ford Anglia ...

Vroom vrooooom!!! Make way! My crazy Bump & Go Ford Anglia is coming through!!! ⚡️🚙 The Weasleys flying car was just so super cool! I bought mine from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando! And I love it so much!!! ⚡️✨ .......... The Ford Anglia toy figurine is one of the super awesome magical things I am going to feature on my blog during July! ✨ .......... The #PotterificJuly Instagram Challenge begins in just a few hours! I am so excited I can’t even sit still! 🤩✨ Make sure you join in the fun! The post and the details are on my profile! .......... ✨ #harrypotter #fordanglia #flying #ronweasley #weasley #weasleys #theburrow #myhpuniversal @universalorlando @harrypotteruniversal #wizardingworldofharrypotter #potterheads #potterhead #challenge #shinyhappybloggers #hogwarts #platformnineandthreequarters #platform9¾ #magic #muggle #picoftheday #photooftheday #videooftheday #pottergram #car #toy
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