Monday, February 13, 2017

Saraallie's Sassy & Classy Bedroom!

The time has finally come, the blessed moment has finally arrived when I proudly announce that I'm done with my bedroom's makeover. It is beautiful, it is stunning, it is my safe haven. I find peace therein, it screams my personality, and throws happiness in the air like confetti. Seriously, not even kidding, my bedroom is a really bright and happy place. Years ago when I'd designed and decorated my room I'd been a teenager and had different home decoration interests. Around the time I graduated from college I really wanted to change things around. So I did. About an year or so ago I began planning a grand makeover and then spent a grand load of time getting everything together and perfecting every inch of my room until it was the loveliest place in the world. Today, I'm happily posting a mega detailed, heavily loaded with pictures, and gorjabulous blog entry to show off my beautiful bedroom.

So get ready! Hold on to your precious bums because this is going to be FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME! Without further ado I now present ... Saraallie's Sassy and Classy Bedroom!


Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Those are panoramic shots of the gorgeousness before I indulge in the details! They've been snapped during the day (above) and at night (the one below) and have some teeny tiny overlapping but only if you look super close; the camera messed up there! There are basically seven main awesome shawsome show off points of my room and I'll be showing them off in much detail, don't worry!

It's the main WOW factor in my room and I love it!

The background behind my bed! Look close to see fairy lights!

The more cushions in my room, the happier I am!

My bed is my favorite highlight of the room. It's excessively bright and colorful and extremely happy. I've decorated the background using a purple curtain with sequin like shining silver spots. Against the curtain are tissue pom poms in pink, yellow, and light blue that add to the cute girly factor. Oh and fairy lights. FAIRY LIGHTS. Are you hearing this? I've always always been in love with my bed and how beautiful it looks. I think it's stunning and it sets the theme and mood for my entire room. On my bed side table I have a chalkboard which currently displays 'It's All About Me' (you can find the pictures here!) and for now I don't plan on changing it. Next to it is a shiny pink candle holder, and a stylish funky pink vase with a green and purple glittering floral arrangement (put together by my mama!). I hadn't gone looking for a four poster bed back when we were shopping for furniture but when we met at the store it was love at first sight. I'm in love with my bed. Wait, did I say that already? Okay, not enough. I'm in LOVE with my bed!

I've always been in love with day beds and I wanted some kind of very girly seating in my room. I thought along the lines of tufted sofas or delicately designed day beds but nothing seemed to work for me. And then this happened. This is my DIY day bed and I'm so proud of this girly lounging area in my room. This is where you'd find me curled up with my kindle books or a magazine. I also occasionally blog from here when I'm tired or lazy and don't want to sit on my desk. This is also where my baby Gubby loves to spend her time when we play in my room.

Instead of some heavy duty table which would have totally taken away from how bright and girly and casual and fun this lounging area is, I've placed funky girly ottomans here. The pink one has tufted details and the yellow one's top is all fluffy and furry. The gorgeous floral arrangement has been put together by my mama - who is an expert - and an adorable owl plush sits next to a decorative piece that says 'Be Inspired'. This place is actually where a lot of times I've been hit with a lot of great inspiration. That's also why I've kept my red and white polka dotted scrapbook here.

Fall in love because I have this gorgeous Harry Potter's Gryffindor tapestry hanging in my room! Originally this was where my work desk used to be but now I lounge under this beauty! I love it so much - it's one of the most precious merchandise a Potterhead could want!

Here are pictures of the cushions up close. I have a pair of coral-orange dotted cushions and a pair of gold sequined cushions on each corner of the day bed. The rest is a beautiful assortment of girly cushions: there's a large girly girl floral one which is studded and shiny, a green fluffy cushion, a multi colored stripes one, a pink and yellow one which matches the fun vibes in this room, two pink and red tiny hearts that say Love and Dream, and a Princess pillow.

My cushions make me happy somewhere deep inside my heart. I absolutely love cushions and rebuff the idea of there being any such thing as 'too many' cushions. Nope. Cushions are amazing things made of happiness!

Be Inspired! Who wouldn't be inspired in such a cozy and bright lounging area?

This is where it all happens! My crafts, my blogging, my creative planning!
This is my brilliantly awesome desk where I put all of my ideas to use and bring them to life. This is Saraallie's Creative Headquarter where imagination and creativity run wild.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu Abbie for putting together this absolutely absolutely absolutely GORJABULOUS wall collage for me! This is the background of my beautiful desk. Trust me, this is so motivational and so inspirational that each time I work on my desk I always stay in that super creative mode. It's like good creativity always inspires even more ideas and thoughts!

Close ups of the wall collage. I love the 'You're Beautiful' canvas art! There's also a fancy ornament that's more shiny than the picture shows it to be. Then the bronze frame which has abstract colored graphics in it right now but I do intend to keep changing them every now and then. The Chinese fan thingy is all covered in glitter which the picture didn't show too. Oh and the classic bird cage which has a graphic I printed saying, 'Make time to enjoy the simple things in life.' Love love love!

Also part of the wall collage is a glass shadow box with glittery gold details which says, 'Change your thoughts and change your world'. I love the silver square piece too; it says, 'Don't let anyone dull your sparkle'. It was a gift from a friend and has polka dot details on the sides which aren't visible in this picture.

I also have another canvas art saying 'Je t'aime' on the wall which I am in love with! But wait, I'm also in love with the magnetic/pin board which serves as my random idea and inspiration board. I have various things stuck on to it like the 'You are so fabulous darling' graphic (find the free printable here), the Donut Worry Be Happy graphic, a big SMILE, some magnets with stilettos on them, and lots more. I'll show it off some more in some other entry! For now lets look at what is on my creative desk!

I used a pretty girly mat in funky colors to create some dimension on my otherwise simple table. On top of it is a beautiful floral arrangement. Personally, out of all the floral arrangements in my room, this one is my favorite. I've picked the flowers myself with great excitement and then let mama do the magic in a tall orange vase.

Matching the orange vase and my chair is this rotating desk organizer. It spinssssss *weeeeeeeee* ... and has ALL of my Sharpies and other pens and pencils contained and organized.

Also on the table is this gorgeous gold pen holder with some more pens, pencils, scissors, etc. There is also my tiny adorable chalkboard frame on which I've written the word Smile. It's a great daily reminder!

I wanted some more gold on my table because shiny golds are just so pretty. This little box-like something does the job of holding a funky pink pad on which I can write quick notes and reminders. Just for decorative purposes there's also the cupcake box I'd been gifted with on one of my birthdays. It has a cupcake pendant inside too which I still haven't worn. The balancing scale is something Dad bought for me. I'm a Libra which is what it represents. It's plated and holds Swarowski crystals. I think it's really really beautiful! I'm a great fan of Swarowski!

On the other side of my creative headquarters is a vintage-y looking box which keeps tiny notes and scraps inside. Abbie had gifted the big gold S to me and I absolutely love how classy it looks. My beloved XoXo mug looked like it wouldn't handle my chai addiction too well so I have converted it into a pen holder and it fits perfectly on my sassy classy table top. A pretty white flower completes this corner in a girly fashion.

Once upon a time I had one of those serious looking rotating-spinning black leather office chairs. It was too serious for my beautiful room so I compromised on the comfort a bit and wheeled it out of my room. Now, meet the funky orange chair that delivers that big funky punch as soon as you enter my room. Isn't it stunning? It's so sassy and I love the bright and bold color! I've added a turquoise colored sequined cushion to it and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... LOVE.

Beside my table I have these two lovelies. The purple ottoman that says 'Good Vibes' is brand new so it is empty right now but I plan on organizing a lot of my crafty stuff in there. The black memory box holds ALLLLLL of my million magazine cutouts. I cut cool stuff out of magazines when we're done reading them and it all comes in handy when I craft away.

Every girl needs a girly shelf in room. That's my belief!
This is my very girly and super fancy book shelf which I've decorated inside and out!
Time for detailed close ups so hang on to your seats!

Over the shelf is a beautiful floral arrangement (yeah, I love floral arrangements for my room and mama is so awesome at them!) which has all the bright colors of my room. Perfect. My absolute favorite thing is the sequined sparkly Xo. I am so so so so soooooooooo much in love with it you have no idea! Beside it is a furry yellow frame with an HP graphic inside. It says 'It is our choices Harry that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities' and it's one of my favorite Albus Dumbledore quotes!

The top shelf holds some of my adorable journals, a frame with the Girly Arrows graphic (find my DIY entry here), a bird cage on which I've hung a blingy jeweled key chain, and this little decorative piece which I adore: "The best thing about having a sister is that you always have a friend." This is so true. My sister is my life!

The middle shelf holds another memory box which is full to its brim with little scraps and memorable pieces, all of which I intend to use in my scrapbook eventually. There is a purple shiny frame in which I've added a graphic that says 'It's not my fault that when I was a baby I was dropped in a box of glitter and I've been shining ever since.' I love this quote! It's so full of attitude and sass!

The bottom shelf holds these gorgeous files I have. I plan on using one of these as a creative 'journal' thingy very soon. I haven't decided it yet but once I do it'll obviously show up here! The frame on the side holds a graphic saying 'Everything happens for a reason' and it's something I strongly believe in. A purple flower in a blue glass holder pops in some more girly!

Beside the shelf are these pretties. The heart tote bucket holds my baking and cooking books in style and the memory storage box behind it says 'Wake up and be awesome' ... I am that kind of awesome *winks*!

On the other side of my shelf is this adorable area for Gubby's books. She always reads with me and keeps asking me to bring her new books so I made a tiny area for her 'noo booksh' and it's so adorable!

Notice the gorgeous shiny background inside the shelf which I added myself (the diy entry is right here). My pin board hangs above the shelf finishing this area up beautifully.

Say hello to my classy dresser in the corner. First, I love how this is a D-shaped corner shaped shelf. It just makes corners so much more interesting and fun! Second, it's that bam of girly in my beloved room which I need.

On top of the dresser I have two or three decorative stilettos *laughs* because I love heels! I am very much in love with my bangle stand which even though was supposed to be a desi thing, I've converted it to hold all my non desi bracelets instead. All of my perfumes and body lotions are displayed on my dresser. I love perfumes and nice smelling lotions! All of the nail polish bottles I own are displayed on a flower shaped pedestal dish-thingy which looks super pretty.

There's a close up of the lotions, perfumes, and the nail polishes!

Meet my awesome bangle stand. This is now many years old, more than ten, and I think the day it finally wears out and breaks the world will witness me breaking down and crying!

Another close up the flower shaped pedestal thingy which holds all of my nail polish!

I've decorated my closet's entrance with stickers and girly patterns. Remember the skyline Abbie made on my birthday as the cake's background and one of my gifts? I finally found the PERFECT place to put it up in my room. It now hangs gorgeously on my closet's door! This skyline is shiny and glittery, and glitter was just the one thing that was missing in my closet area before!

I adore my wall clock. It's princessy and girly and has a very Disney feel to it. Needless to say how much I love Disney! To be exact this clock reminds me of the carriage the fairy god mother made for Cinderella to ride on!


This is my Harry Potter corner with all of my Harry Potter merchandise and decor.
I'm going to leave a little suspense here and not show off zooms and close ups of everything that is on those shelves. Know why? I plan on doing a detailed blog post about it very soon!

Soooooooo it is finally done! My beautiful room's makeover is complete and has been revealed! I think I've said this a million times already (or maybe a gazillion?) I am in deeeeeeeeeeeep deep love with my room. It's sassy! It's classy! It's girly, bright, and happy!
It's the one and only Saraallie's gorjabulous bedroom!

*Takes a final bow*


  1. Sara, you won't believe this, but for some reason this fabulous post went into my spam folder. SPAM! If there's one thing this post is NOT, it's spam.

    Thanks for the beautiful pics. I would just love to see your room first hand, but since I can't, your special talent with a camera is giving me a splendid idea of your way with color and design. May you experience happiness, content, and love every time you walk into your newly made-over bedroom.

    1. Hey Suzanne!
      I am so so glad you found this post in your spam folder before it got deleted forever! I'd have actually been sad had you not seen the makeover :D Thank you for the beautiful wish <3 Your comments always make my day!

  2. Loving your blog❤
    And love the colours you've chosen for you bedroom❤

    1. Thank you so much Zara :D
      So glad you loved the blog and the bedroom!

  3. OH MY ALLAH! It's so beautiful and..bright! I'm guessing your personality is as cheerful as your room. I love love loooovvveeee the wall collage. Very well planned and reviewed =)

    1. Absolutely yes Saroosh :D I like to be cheerful and fun and bright and colorful and crazyyyyyy :D Thank you so much <3

  4. Maa Shaa Allah!!!! This is the brightest room I have seen in my life! Although its completely not my style, I am imto greys, whites, purples and love minimal furnishings! But this brings out how fun your character would be! The Dolling station!! I love that name girl!

  5. Wow that's really an amazing splash of colours and being a Potterhead I so do love your Potter corner. And you so remind me of a Luna Lovegood character, at least your room is.

    1. :D I love Luna! So glad you loved the Potter corner! I'll be blogging in more detail about that Potterhead corner in July (the Potter month)! Hope you'll stay in touch!

  6. OH MY WORD!!!!!!! THIS IS SUCH A CUTE POST!!!! The pictures are so beautiful and really so inspiring because it makes me want to redo my entire room up!! <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! ( and

    1. Hahahahaha! If you do end up redoing your entire room because of me I'd love to see it :D Thank you so much Zainab <3

  7. I really loved the vibrant colours of your room. It speaks so much and it is really bold. Those books neatly in love already������

    So I remembered an old conversation with you. Did you rake part in April A to Z?

    1. Thank you Shahira :)
      Yes, I did the A to Z Challenge! You can find all the posts on the home page :D

  8. What a beautiful room! I don't mind living in there lol. Beautifully captured too.

  9. I love the colors. I would so take this and love to have it as a room. Also, in love with Harry Potter. Team Gryffindor all the way!


  10. Such a cute bedroom decoration! That Potter corner is a childhood DREAM!

  11. I love ALL it but specifically the Lounge area! And I love all of the colors. As Elizabeth says.... it is a CHILDHOOD DREAM!

    1. I love the girly lounging too :D Thank you for stopping by! :D

  12. omg this bedroom decoration is so cool. I really love the creative headquarters station. Can you please come decorate my room!

    1. Hahaha! I'd love to :D
      The creative headquarters are my favorite too - so motivating and inspirational :D
      Thanks Brooke!

  13. I love color but you LOVE color and the pop looks good. It actually seems very happy and relaxing with all the contrast of shades. Very inviting am definitely refreshing. Hope you enjoy your safe haven

  14. Wow! What a colourful bedroom! You've thought about it so much and I think it's fantastic!

    1. Oh yes, I spent months planning this :D Thank you so much Emma!


  15. WOW, THAT'S NO FUN! UGH! hope you are feeling better.
    what a sweet family to pack up your ornaments. Funny how when we are sick, we don't' feel like doing anything do we other than getting in our bed.
    Hope you buy an artificial tree next year!
    Treasure Box


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