Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Grand and Glorious Cake

When Abbie turned the fabulous thirty I threw her the most gorgeous birthday party. The Grand and Glorious Birthday Party was my DIY all gold, black, and red celebration for my lovely Abbie. A little while ago I showed off the deets of the grandeur on my blog when I wrote about The Grand and Glorious Birthday Party but I kept details of that absolutely gorgeous cake for later. The time has come, my folks, when I present the very beautiful and the very majestic: THE GRAND AND GLORIOUS BIRTHDAY CAKE!

It was the most regal cake I've made to date in my six years of baking thus far.
I love my Abbie immensely - beyond control and beyond belief - so the celebration of The Abbie Day (as I like to call it) had to be extra ordinary too! With this stunning cake I wowed Abbie to the max! She was so in love with how gorgeous this cake was and I was crying happy tears in a corner when I saw her posing with MY cake for birthday selfies!

Time for the stunning deets!
I did two tiers for Abbie's milestone birthday and chose the color theme which she loved the most. Blacks, reds, and golds! Now that combination can NEVER disappoint, can it? It didn't this time either! Hold your breaths - THIS.IS.GORGEOUS!

Let me show off starting from the bottom of this stunner. When I bake and decorate cakes I feel like EVERY little detail counts. I have to have matching cake boards and decor around the cake too or else I feel like I've done something incomplete. The Grand and Glorious Cake had a stunning cake board. It was gold and studded and looked beautiful. I also placed a gold masquerade mask along the cake board as part of the cake display itself.

For the bottom tier I did black damask against white. It was a stunner! It was the kind of pretty that makes you lose your mind. It was CRAZY beautiful! Oh and a red rose on the side went perfectly with that black and white damask. Abbie is CRAZY for damask by the way so we can all imagine what kind of a reaction this tier must have gotten out of her.

In the middle of both the bottom and the top tier I chose to add bling. In the past I've normally added bling in a plain ribbon-like form on my cakes. This time though I tied the bling around the tier - knot and all - to give it even more of that 'jewelry' kinda look. It looked really good!

The top tier was breathtaking. I was actually so much in love with this one that I, for once, couldn't decide whether the damask was my most favorite element in this cake's design or not. Damask usually takes the cake (pun intended!) but this time I was just confused! I marbled red and black fondants for the top tier to create this absolutely beautiful look. Isn't it gorgeous? I just can't get over how pretty this one looked! I mean it's been MONTHS since I baked and decorated this cake and I still can't get over it!

Finally on the top of the cake I added a gorgeous gold flower complete with that perfect glitter center.
BEAUTIFUL! It looked so perfect on the cake, I couldn't take my eyes off it!


MAJESTIC! This cake had the most grand and dramatic effect!

It's hard to pick favorites among all the cakes I create but this one has definitely made it to the top of my favorites' list! I couldn't take my eyes off it and it broke my heart when the cake was cut up to be eaten. I wanted to preserve this particular masterpiece forever!
To this day I am in LOVE with this cake of mine!

The cake was just as delicious inside as it was stunning on the outside! I paired my favorite vanilla sponge with my excessively delicious heavenly Death By Chocolate Chocolate frosting for the bottom tier! No no wait, I even added crushed chocolate wafers to the filling! DELICIOUS!

The top tier was a delicious coffee kick: MOCHA sponge cake!

Every single piece of this cake was a beauty in itself!
LOVED THIS CAKE SO MUCH - inside and out!

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  1. Replies
    1. Oh it is very difficult watching people cut into these cakes!
      I spend DAYS on making these so perfect and it takes a few minutes for them to be cut and devoured! Hahaha!
      There's a lot of satisfaction though in seeing people react and be wowed! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Usha!
      Thank you :) It is one of my most favorite ones so far!

  3. That sure is one beautiful cake, I am sure it was appreciated by the birthday girl :)

    1. Abbie LOVED it. She was stunned! :)
      Thank you Linze!


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