Monday, May 22, 2017

Liebster Award! Woohoo!

You know how sometimes you come across something and you instantly realize you've found something wonderful? That's what happened when I learned of The Girl Gang - a brilliant group of fantabulous human beings who are super lovely - brought together by the one and only Jemma of the Dork Face blog! I know, I know - how does this connect to being nominated for the Liebster Award, right? Well, it does! A little while ago one of the Girl Gang members posted on the Facebook group asking for anybody who had not yet been nominated and I got super excited. I let her know me and blog were new to the Liebster and tadaaaaaa! Annelies of The Frugal Teen's Lifestyle Blog was super sweet to nominate me. Now, her blog is super cool with this great classy feel as soon as you land on the home page, beautiful graphics, super perfect layout, and some great blog posts (like the one about memories from the 90's that was so nostalgic!). If you haven't already, you must pay her a visit! Thank you Annelies!

So what is the Liebster Award? It's an award given by and to other bloggers which is super supportive and lets blogs get discovered. You get to know more about the bloggers you love by nominating them and asking them questions. So basically you get nominated, state about ten random facts about yourself, answer the questions you've been provided by whoever nominated you, then nominate others, and leave some questions for them to answer. Okay so here's my turn to answer some awesome shawsome questions! Get, set, WOOHOO!



1) I'm in love with myself.
2) I'm sometimes weaker inside my heart than I let the world know.
3) A five feet tall giant teddy bear lives in my closet - his name is Po.
4) I can crave random foods at random times - once it was fried chicken at two in the morning.
5) I'm obsessed with baking and cake decorating. Proof is Sara's Baked Creations!
6) I'm super scared of bugs and don't enjoy outdoor activities due to that.
7) Growing up I've wanted to be a dentist, teacher, magazine editor, interior designer, and baker - not necessarily in that order. 
8) I've always been a brilliant student throughout my entire academic life. Awards and certificates - I have it all collected.
9) I do everybody's laundry in my house. I'm a good girl.
10) I'm super awesome!



Q1- What/who is your biggest inspiration? I have to tell you I have two names! I take all of my inspiration in life from my elder sister - The Abbie. She's my role model! She's been the rock in my life and I look up to her. From copying everything she said or did (her way of walking, talking, breathing!) as a kid to following her footsteps and taking guidance from her wisdom as an adult, I've always admired her. I take inspiration from her in basically all aspects of my life. My second name is Buddy Valastro (The Cake Boss) who inspired me into my obsession of baking and thus led to Sara's Baked Creations!

Q2- What's your favorite method of self-care? Alone time. I preach alone time. I believe very strongly in the need for talking to myself and hearing myself out. If you've read my post from the I Love Myself series you'll know that I've learned to love myself by simply staying quiet and listening to myself. I like to take some time out for myself during which I can be alone with my self and hear my thoughts and feelings out. It works wonders towards self-care - even more than any physical kind of care like getting manicures and massages done (though they'd be very welcome too *laughs*).

Q3- What's your biggest fear? Loss of a loved one and getting humiliated! BIGGEST FEARS! Even worse than spiders!

Q4- What's your favorite thing about yourself? My loyalty and love. I hold a lot of love in my heart - even though it often goes unnoticed and never gets returned to me. I can be the best friend and the craziest loyal person in the world. I can lend great support to those who I care for and can be a super cuddly and warm buddy to have.

Q5- If you were stuck on an island what one thing/person would you take with you? Oh God, definitely my Abbie! I can't live without her at all. Oh and really even if the two of us are stranded somewhere on an island we'll probably end up turning it into a vacation before we find someone to rescue us!

Q6- What is your dream job? Working at a bakery! This one is closely competing with working at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando.

Q7- What can't you live without? Since this is a 'what' question and not a 'who' I won't say Abbie (made myself pretty clear there, haven't I?). I think I can't live without loving myself. I've been through a period when I'd been bullied enough to start doubting my worth and it wasn't nice at all. I've been there, I've fought my way out of it, and fallen in love with myself and that is something I don't wish to live without.

Q8- Do you have a life motto? What is it? Yes! I think I have two: 'This face doesn't care' and 'This too shall pass'. The first one is basically what I live by now and the second one is something I greatly try and do believe in!

Q9- Trousers or dresses? Uhh, both! I wear short dresses over jeans so basically that's my favorite way of dressing up!

Q10- What is your favorite film ever? Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! The movie of the book that started the magic! Love.

Q11- What is your favorite music genre? I don't listen to music as such anymore but back when I used to I think I never had a specific favorite. I listened to basically anything which pleased my ears!



(I've come up with each and every one of this question after lots of thought - they're all super awesome so get exciteeeeddd!)

Q1- What is your favorite part about yourself?
Q2- If you could be any character in a book, which book and character would you pick and why?
Q3- Road trip or fly the distance? Explain.
Q4- If you could keep a fantasy creature (from books or movies) as a pet which fantasy creature would you like to have?
Q5- Imagine you can only take one more trip - where would you want to go?
Q6 - How did you end up as a blogger? How did your awesome blog come into existence?
Q7- If you were given the chance to remove any one evil from this world which one would it be?
Q8- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or neither one? Why?
Q9- What's the most important life lesson you've learnt so far?
Q10- Which activity or interest are you most passionate about in life?
Q11- Pick one person who is the most dearest and nearest to you!

TAG! You're It! Here's what to do:
You do exactly what I've done. Start by giving me a shout out (because I'm awesome and nominated you *laughs*), display the award graphic on your blog, state ten random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions I've given you, nominate five to eleven blogs, provide eleven questions for them to answer, inform them that you've nominated them, and tadaaaaaaa - you're done!

Psssst, here's where I found all the Liebster Award graphics from and also the rules!

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