Saturday, June 9, 2012

JunPhoMo 9th

Woohoo! Guess what making a blog means; You get to be a part of the June Photography Month! Yayyy! I missed eight fabulous days to blog for JunPhoMo, but I don't want to miss another day by not blogging tonight!

Today's prompt, for June 9th, is 'Favorite Drinks' OR 'Ducks' in honor of Donald Duck Day. Now, why exactly is it Donald Duck Day today, I have no idea! I didn't even know it was that day today, for me it was a busy Saturday that passed by cooking for the entire week ahead of time, so that my precious sister wouldn't have to worry about making us dinner for days. So I'm not going to post a photo of ducks for today, instead I should find a photo for my favorite drink. Here it is;

Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha, the most delicious hot beverage that I prefer. I'm not a huge coffee addict, unlike my sister who would be found scratching her nails on the walls of her study room if she was deprived of coffee for a few weeks (okay maybe I exaggerate a little bit). But when you love your sister, and she is coffee crazy, you try it out too and pick your favorites. I'm a somewhat picky person as far as food is concerned. Hardly would I be found trying out weird or new kinds of tastes, once again unlike my sister who is fine with tasting new stuff and unique flavors. Where coffee is concerned I am equally choosy, and I go for the fanciest! Since I don't drink coffee TOO often I can compromise on that HUGE calorie number for the fancy heavy delicious taste too, without worrying about that sensitive-to-everything-eatable size of my tummy. But of course, a few hours after the Mocha the guilt sets in!
Lately, I haven't had the chance to have the mocha, or anything else from Starbucks for that matter. At first, my sister found out the franchise was secretly adding protein to their coffees, and that they were non-vegetarian, haram! Later, she researched some more, heart-broken by the news and decided the coffees were okay, BUT she also heard they add BEETLES to their beverages! The instant she said that, I started feeling all those potential beetles crawling inside my stomach, so the rest of what she said didn't quite sink in properly; what I picked up was that there are these edible beetles somewhere which are even utilized in food colors and extracts! I'm not really sure that makes it okay for me to be consuming insects, but for now Starbucks has become a confusion for me. I have no clue whether or not I should go for the mocha the next time we stop by the place, and maybe it's not that sad either because I get to avoid all those calories (pats a happy belly)!

That's all for my first ever post to a June Photography Month, let's see which prompt I decide to post about again for next time!

- S. Ali

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