Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Black Diamonds ~ Sally Hansen's Review

When I was a teenager I wanted to try black nail polish like crazy. Abbie was in love with black and she had the color on almost all the time. Mama told me then that it wouldn't suit me. Now a teenager never wants to be spotted with anything that doesn't suit her right? Right! So I never tried it. I just kept looking forward to a day when I'd finally wear black nail polish and sashay all around the planet. A few months ago when Abbie and I did our nails for the OctoNovember Birthday Vacation to Orlando we decided to go all out and applied a different shade on every other nail. One of the shades I applied was black. Finally, two of my nails were painted black. Eeeeeeee, exciting! It looked great and I loved it. That day I decided it was time. It was time for me to buy the perfect black nail polish, apply it, and fulfill the teenage dream!

I was shopping around the cosmetics' aisle when I came across Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength nail color. It was named 'Black Diamonds'. I'd tried another one of the diamond strength line's shade before; the pink glittery Wedding Crashers had been perfection! I asked Abbie if she had a black nail polish at home and when she told me we'd ran out I instantly picked it up. Best decision ever, hello!

True to its name, tiny specks of diamonds indeed shined back at me from the black nail color. It looked gorgeous! It reminded me of one of my favorite scenes, a black starry night sky. Beautiful *sighs*. It was finally done, I had tried on black nail color and it looked super pretty. Yayyyy!
I applied a Sally Hansen base coat first and then two coats of Black Diamonds. Finally a top coat completed my manicure for the month. If somebody's looking for that extra bit of glossy shine the top coat is a must. The nail color itself was perfect. It applied smoothly and looked brilliant.

When I'd previously bought the pink glitter shade 'Wedding Crashers' from the diamond strength line I'd fallen in love and decided I would buy the gold glitter shade next. I couldn't find gold yet but found Black Diamonds instead. Know what that means? Yep, that's right! I'll be keeping my eyes open looking for the gold and of course when I'll try it there will be more beautiful photos posted on my blog!

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