Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zebra Insides of a Yellow & White Rose Cake

This is another one of those cakes that I'd made very earlier on in my baking obsession yet it looks beautifully perfect and holds a very special place in my heart. The Yellow and White Rose Cake marked the beginning of my brother's wedding functions. We are Desi people (fancy term for people with Pakistani/Indian origin) which means our weddings have a lot of functions. The Yellow and White Rose Cake was designed and decorated to welcome my new sister in law to our family!

That's how lucky my sister in law is! This was just ONE of her many welcome functions into our family. I personally was drooling over the handbag and the cake ... fabulousness!

Here's a gorgeous zoom of my rose cake. The roses I'd piped all over looked so beautiful, they were taking my breath away. This was one SERIOUSLY gorgeous cake.

I also added heart shaped sprinkles and red sugar roses that I'd bought from the store. The pop of color the pink and red decorations added only made the cake more prettier!

The cake was dripping elegance and sophistication. The cake was looking beautiful and stunning. The roses were perfect, each one exactly as pretty as the next. The cake was a master piece ... from the outside! But wait! The insides were still to be revealed and that was a BIG surprise for everyone!

When the cake was cut into little did anyone know what gorgeousness would be revealed!
And now presenting ....

Zebra insides of the Yellow and White Rose Cake!
That too in a gorgeous shade of red!
This cake was LOVE!
It was definitely a big surprise for SIL who hadn't even dreamed of SUCH a grand welcome even before the wedding functions had started!

I'm certainly the best sister in law in the world, aren't I now?

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  1. Awesome. These all look like fun to create.

  2. Who's the best sister-in-law around? Why, YOU are, of course. Yes, your SIL is one very lucky lady. :-)

    Very, very drool-worthy cake, outside and inside.

    I've suspected I'd be saying this for the longest time, almost since the beginning of the challenge: you, my dear Sara, would give my mother serious competition in the cake decorating business if she were still decorating them. But, as she's not, I hereby unofficially name you her official successor.


    1. Hahahahaha! :D Thank you so much Suzanne! That is SUCH a fabulous thing to say to meeeeeeeeeee :D *takes a bow*

  3. That is beautiful and yummy looking. I shouldn't read this blog on an empty stomach.
    Congrats on making it to the end of the challenge.

    1. Hahaha! You shouldn't :D
      Thank you so much! :D The A to Z was SUCH fun!

  4. That cake looks amazing. Wow.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity and Unicorn Bell


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