Friday, April 7, 2017

Fancy Lace and Flowers Cake

Laces, bling, and flowers! Fancy and gorgeous!

When there's a crazily obsessed cake decorator in the family birthdays are never a dull affair. I celebrated my mother's birthday with this beautiful Fancy Lace and Flowers Cake. We're all Fall babies in my family (except my brother who celebrates his birthday in February) so when I was thinking of my mother's birthday cake's design it instantly hit me that I wanted to do a nice Fall theme. I chose a combination of bold and warm colors paired with whites and then added lace and bling to add that touch of elegance to suit the occasion.

Yes yes, I know you want to see more!
Let me show off the gorgeous details!

For this beautiful cake I bought beautiful white flowers as the topper. I was also thinking Fall colors so I bought a smaller orange flower to create that pop of color. Then I covered my cake with some bold and beautiful red colored fondant. Red is always so simple yet so elegant. I added the larger white flower on top first and then placed the orange one along with some classic looking leaves. They looked so good as cake toppers! 

My main idea for this cake was to have lace on it. I'd recently tried lace on cupcakes and I'd fallen in love. So naturally I wanted this cake to have more lace! This is actually such a beautiful edible lace that it stuns me every single time I use it in my decorations. And stun it did again on this cake!

Finally, to complete and perfect the gorjabulousness of my cake I added bling. A double string of bling ribbon along the base and another one of those orange flowers with the leaves on the side and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Isn't it stunning? It was everything I wanted. The Fall colors looked so classic and the flowers looked gorgeous. The lace .. ah the lace, my favorite lace! It was the BEST part of this cake. Then finally the bling - what would life be without bling? A dull expanse of time perhaps. Seriously, I can't live without bling!

So no matter who is celebrating their birthday, with the very adorable baby niece Gubby in the house all of our birthday cakes are cut by her. She has usurped the birthday scenes and wants to cut the cake herself and also sing the song herself. Who on earth can refuse that darling face and those pretty eyes? Gubby cut this gorgeous cake - which she named 'flower cake' - while we sang the birthday song for mama. Then it was finally time to sink our teeth into this deliciousness!

Mmmm mmmmmmm .... look at that! I baked a vanilla sponge for this cake's insides and then filled it with layers of sweet vanilla frosting. But wait wait, there was more: Nutter Butter cookies and chocolate chips. Ohhhh yes, I loaded the layers with Nutter Butters and chocolate chips. This cake tasted so good. In one bite you had classic vanilla, sweet frosting, sugary deliciousness, peanut butter kicks, and chocolate bits. Yummmmmmm! What could be more perfect than this?

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