Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In For Spring ~ Funfetti Cheesecake Chocolate Cupcakes

Just in time for Spring here's presenting ...
the very bright,
the very happy,
the very tasty,
and the very pretty ...

Don't they look absolutely delightful?!
These cupcakes are quintessential of the kind of happy and bright stuff I love!

I wrapped up these darlings in several different cupcake liners. The more colors, designs, and variations the better to make these as bright and colorful as possible. One of the liners was this bright and gorgeous green one with pink and yellow floral-like designs on it.

Another cupcake wrapper was a bright and happy white one with some more happy swirls and other colorful designs on it. Happy, happy, happy! I love how happy these were!

There was also a plain but bright orange one through which the insides were more visible!
Now, look at that beautiful brown and white divide on the side. The chocolate cupcake base and the cheesecake deliciousness on the top. Yummm yummm yummmmmmmmm!

I added pretty white fondant flowers to these happy darlings too. I embossed, cut out, and shaped the white flowers and then painted their centers red for some extra pop of color and finally finished the centers off with some colorful sprinkle chips. Now funfetti/sprinkles is always my favorite decoration so the little colorful sprinkles in the flowers' centers just added more sprinkly goodness to these delicious cupcakes.

I wasn't done there though, I just had to drizzle these beauties. Chocolate drizzles can never go wrong! The chocolate drizzle looked classic!

Hold on to your seats now because you're about to see the insides of these cupcakes next!
These were INTENSE! You've been warned!

Told you! Check out that moist chocolate cupcake base with that divinely creamy cheesecake topping, through which the chocolate drizzle has cut through. Look long enough and you'll lose yourself in this scrumptious-osity.
Scrumptiousosity - the new word these cupcakes have just given birth to!

Now truly, pictures do really speak a thousand words! See what I mean by SCRUMPTIOUSOSITY?
If the word was ever added to a dictionary I think this cupcake's picture would be placed as the ideal definition. Words not required here!

I topped a rich chocolate cupcake batter with a simple and creamy cheesecake batter which I heavily loaded with sprinkles. I even sprinkled a few extra sprinkles on top randomly and then let these darlings bake away. Once they were baked and cooled I drizzled them with chocolate, sprinkled a few colorful chips on top, and finally added the fondant flower on top. BRILLIANT!

Happy, pretty, bright, cheerful, delightful, delicious ... I think I could go on and on and on stating all the possible synonyms for the words happy and delicious for these cupcakes. These were creamy, cheesecakey, chocolatey, moist, and dreamy in every single bite! Okayyyyyyyyyyy, I can't take it anymore ... MUST.HAVE.MORE.NOWWWW!

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  1. Love the look of these - they're perfect for a kid's party. Or for me haha

    1. Yes, I can imagine kids totally loving all the brightness and the colors :D
      Thank you Debbie!


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