Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vibrant Pink Pinwheel Cookies

My life's philosophy is all about being super bright and colorful. Colors induce happiness no matter what is happening around you. My bedroom has a lot of colors, my clothes are happy and colorful, and when I get to bake something vibrant it automatically becomes one of my favorite baking experiences. These pinwheel cookies are one such experience. They're happy, they're fun, they're colorful, they're bright, and they can bring an instant smile to your face!

They don't even need a fancy presentation, they are pretty in themselves, just like that! The swirly design is my favorite. I mean, it's genius!

The entire making and baking experience of these pinwheels is crazy awesome. I love it! I enjoy baking these so much that I'd be ready to bake up a batch whenever somebody would ask. It makes me feel so much happier and lighter - ultimate stress reliever right there!

I love them. I just simply love them. They look beautiful even in raw cookie dough form. You basically make the cookie dough, divide it into two halves, and then shade them whichever color you desire. Today I'm showing off my pink cookies. For this once I shaded them a gorgeous rose pink color. Rose pink is not the bubble gum or Barbie kind of pink; as you can see in the picture it's sort of more like a coral color. I love it! Next, you do some magic. The dough is shaped into rectangles, placed one on top of the other, and then tightly rolled up into a log. The log then goes to the fridge for chilling up - but that happens only after I've spent a good long while admiring how beautiful the cookie dough log looks. I went ahead and rolled my log in sprinkles. What this does is add a sprinkly border to the pinwheel cookie making it even more gorjabulous.

I baked two versions of this rose pink pinwheel. One I rolled up in sprinkles and made it all rainbows and sunshine. The second one I wanted to be a bit sparkly and girly. So I combined pink and purple sugar crystals and then rolled the log in them. It looked like I'd jeweled the cookies up. Seriously pretty. I'm talking real gorgeous stuff here!

See how pretty they turned out?

The sprinkles melt ever so slightly and create a pretty colorful border around the cookie. 

The crystal sugar turns out as if you've rolled your cookies in some glittery crystal mix. It's SO pretty!

This right here is a jar full of happiness. Cookies in a jar never looked so gorgeous and so pretty!
Oh and the taste. They taste like dessert. Not even kidding. I took these to college to eat as dessert after I was done with my lunch. These have an extremely vanilla flavor to them and a sweet kind of satisfaction. They're so velvety soft. It feels like you're eating a cake when you're eating a cookie. So they taste like cake but the texture is like a cookie. So you're eating cake and cookie at the same time. Get it? I think I'm going to lose my mind just talking about how absolutely delicious these babies are!

Another time when I baked the Pinwheel cookies I was hosting a Mad Hatter's tea party for Abbie's birthday. I had cupcake poppers that matched the Mad Hatter, cupcakes that were Alice In Wonderland Themed, and to match the Cheshire Cat I decided to do these pinwheel cookies. I kept the same pink and purple sugar crystal border which was SO SO SO Chesire Cat. Instead of shading the cookies rose pink this time I shaded them a bubble gum vibrant kind of pink. When done the swirly designs looked exactly like the stripes on the Cheshire Cat. It felt like if you'd pick one up and turn it over you'd see the mischievous grin shining in your face from the other side of the cookie.

I've customized these to go with an Alice In Wonderland theme. Once, and I save these for another time, I've shaded them green and yellow for another kind of theme. These are so customizable and just so pretty, I can totally imagine them being a part of any and every party theme I'd ever like to bake for. The sprinkly ones can go with rainbow themes, these can be so pretty for baby showers or gender reveals, I could totally see them shaded any color to celebrate any occasion at all - birthdays, graduations, fourth of July, this, that, EVERYTHING!

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  1. You do something, and then you turn around and outdo yourself. This one, I'm going to make happen in my kitchen, tomorrow, and hopefully they'll be around when we take our trip to the coast this weekend!


    V is for Vague Differences Between Protect and Shelter

    1. *takes a bow* You know your comments make my day! :D
      Thank you SO much! I KNOW YOU'LL LOVE THEM - the making as well as the baked results :D Have a happy trip!


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