Monday, April 10, 2017

Henna Party Cupcakes

By the end of this post you'll either want to move in to my neighborhood or want me to be your neighbor. Because seriously, who has a fabulous baker coming up with delicious and pretty goodies at the same time, right? Right.

When my neighbor told Abbie her daughter was throwing a Henna party and she wanted me to bake for it I was instantly excited and ready for it. Her daughter had invited over her high school girlies for an evening full of fun, laughter, henna, and food and Sara's Baked Creations' gorgeous cupcakes were to make their grand appearance there. Fabulosity!

The Henna party had a purple and gold theme so I matched these delicious cupcakes as well. For that great gold color I used gold foil cupcake liners - perfect! The cupcakes were a soft, moist, delicious vanilla sponge and the frosting was my absolutely favorite vanilla buttercream. Mmmmmmm!

I colored the frosting a very girly shade of purple which contrasted beautifully against the gold liners and then for the stunning decorations on top I hand piped candy henna motifs and then studded them with gold dragees. It was really beautiful, really really beautiful!

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Each and every single one of these cupcakes were crafted to look beautiful and convey the traditional Desi Henna feel. The henna motif on top looked so perfect and what better than having an edible decoration? CANDY HENNA MOTIFS THAT YOU CAN EAT ... how awesome is that! I personally perfected each individual cupcake with lots of love!

The purple and hold Henna Party Cupcakes suited to my neighbor's party theme so well. She loved them and so did the host, her daughter. I'd baked and decorated the henna motif cupcakes once before this party and doing them again this time kept bringing flashbacks to my mind. When I'd last done these designs it had been my brother's wedding and I'd baked these and taken them along when I'd attended my SIL's Mehndi ceremony. Back then I'd chosen a different color theme but they'd looked and tasted just as awesome. They'd accompanied my out-of-this-world beautiful Henna Ruffle Cake and had stunned every single guest at the party! Show stoppers - not even kidding!

Once these pretty things were served at this henna party it was a treat to watch all the girls eating them. They'd stop and look at the cupcakes and discuss how pretty they looked before taking one, biting into it, and realizing they tasted just as amazing too.

There is a sweet kind of satisfaction in sitting at a party and watching guests pick up, eat, and then discuss the awesomeness of your baked creations. Something about seeing people actually TALK about my baked stuff because it has wowed them so much they simply can't resist discussing it ... something about that is just so peaceful and so brilliant.

All the mouth-watering pictures in this post are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!
Sara’s Baked Creations is on Mission Sweetness! Sara and Abbie are hobby bakers who bake for friends and family only. We are not a commercial bakery business; it gives us joy to spread smiles while enjoying sisterhood and living our passion for baking.

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  1. Cupcakes for a henna party, that sounds like fun! beautifully decorated cupcakes.

  2. Wow! Stunning creations! :-) I would love to be your neighbour! :-)

    1. Hahaahaha! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment Famidha :D
      Stay in touch!

  3. Oh wow I am in awe. The colors are popping and looks like a yummy treat too! Love how you did the paisleys. I have a secret addiction to paisleys and I have paisley decors in my home. LOL never thought of making them with cupcakes!

    1. Hey!
      So glad to hear from you :D
      I loved piping the paisleys and they looked so brilliant on the cupcakes! Totally in love with these :D


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