Friday, April 28, 2017

XoXo The Lovey Dovey Cookie Tray

This is what a tray full of love looks like!
I don't really do Valentine's Day but once upon a time Abbie teased me and said, "You should totally bake cookies for me this Valentine's Day." Yes ma'am! I was at it!
I was going to bake lots and lots of cookies for Abbie all of which would be super lovey dovey!

I usually bake with a theme in mind or for a certain special occasion. This once I was baking just casually for my lovely Abbie. No pressure for perfection and a chance to go crazy and try whatever I wanted to. I grabbed a recipe of sugar cookies and then got all the various heart shaped cookie cutters I owned out and began what was a super fun baking experience. I had nothing in mind, except that they had to be pinkish and lovey dovey. I shaded some of the cookie dough rose pink and left the rest unshaded. Then I enjoyed pairing this with that, sprinkling, cutting, shaping, molding, and even marbling the cookie dough. I was experimenting, trying some new molds out, and seeing how everything turned out. In the end I had a beautiful tray full of cookies ready for Abbie!

So pretty, so girly, and so lovey dovey!

XoXo! For the next few pictures I'm going to just show off the various cookies here and there!
Just like I had relaxed and enjoyed the baking experience, let me relax and enjoy showing off everything at random today! So loosey goosey baby ... let the beauty of these adorable cookies sweep you off your feet!

I marbled some of the cookie dough so it left some cookies two shaded. That was so pretty! Some of the cookies I covered in sugar crystals, some I only covered along the borders and others I just dusted in the middle with sugar crystals. So random and so pretty!

I even kept the size of all these cookies different. Some were tiny, some were real big, and others were somewhere in the middle. I loved loved LOVED the XoXo!

See the variety? So beautiful and so fun!

One of the techniques I experimented with was adding a colored cookie inside a white one. It turned out so cute! These cookies somehow reminded me of the hearts in the Power Puff Girls Cartoons! *laughs*

Here's another one of those double two in one cookies. This one I tried dusting with some sugar crystals to see what happened to them inside the oven! Note: they stay absolutely the same, no change, no melting, no nothing ... just pretty stuff! Oh and check out the beautiful marbled cookie!

Marbling is one of the most sophisticated effect ever. I've done it in fondant and now I did it in cookie dough and it turned out so beautiful!

There's the cookie I only dusted along the borders with the crystal sugar. So girly and so pretty!

Here's another one of my favorite two in one kind!

XoXo! You know you love me! (Ooooooops, sorry, the XoXo cookies triggered my Gossip Girl love!)

Isn't that tray looking absolutely gorgeous?
Abbie loved it! She had that amazed WOW expression on her face when I let her come and see what I'd done for her! Dozens of beautiful lovey dovey cookies for my lovey Abbie!

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