Monday, March 19, 2018

Blogging From A to Z Challenge April 2018 ~ Theme Reveal

Dhan tanan! It's another year, another April approaches, and with it comes the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge of 2018. This will be my fourth time doing the A to Z Challenge and I'm excited! The April A to Z Challenge is a really great blogging thingy hosted over at the official A to Z site. Basically you pick a theme (optional!) and blog every day in April, except Sundays, starting with each letter of the alphabet. So twenty six blog posts starting from each letter of the alphabet for some serious blogging fun!

I've been doing it since 2015 and I love everything about it ever since. I've had a chance to find some great bloggers plus received great appreciation for my own posts. In 2015 my theme was my favorite place in the world - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was even featured and interviewed for it as part of Themes That Rocked the Challenge because it was so popular (read my interview). For the years 2016 and 2017 I blogged on the theme 'Sara's Baked Creations' which was extremely DELICIOUS because it was all about my passion for baking, and my obsession of cake decorating. It was REALLY fun blogging about my baking and decorating talents and to hear such praise for it from everyone made me feel swollen with pride! Now, 2018 is here and today is the official theme reveal day for the challenge. GUESS WHAT'S MY THEME THIS YEAR?

Stand up, put your hands together, cheer, shout, clap, do the ecstatic dance!

Yes, that's right! For 2018 my theme is once again going to be Sara's Baked Creations. I keep becoming better at baking and cake decorating. SBC keeps getting bigger and more awesomer! Since the last year I've rolled out numerous cakes, cookies, bars, brownies, desserts, and what not! So I'm back for an extremely delicious April A to Z Challenge again with all my baked creations!

For a quick introduction (in case you missed my blog last year!): I am an obsessed baker and Sara's Baked Creations is all that I bake and decorate. It is my true love; A hobby, a passion, a dream! I started off with cupcakes on January 6th 2011 seven years back and my obsession has only grown since then. I became manic; everything possible must be tried and learned in the field of baking! To me baking is an art. It is my talent. It is my creativity. It works as a stress reliever and as a confidence booster for me. Simply put: I LOVE BAKING. Too too much. I've done so much magic with my baking and cake decorating skills over the past seven years and this year, thanks to the A to Z, I'm choosing to show off and blog about it all!

Sara’s Baked Creations is on Mission Sweetness! Sara and Abbie are hobby bakers who bake for friends and family only. We are not a commercial bakery business; it gives us joy to spread smiles while enjoying sisterhood and living our passion for baking.

All the mouth-watering pictures in these posts are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!

Get ready to see art in edible form.
Embrace yourself for there shall be deliciousness. 
Prior warning: The following entries may trigger intense drooling sensations resulting from extremely tasty images. Proceed with caution.

This index will populate and links to entries will become active as I complete the daily challenges. Some of the prompts I have chosen now may change as I decide which awesomeness from Mission Sweetness I'd like to share the most! The post for the letter 'A' is the same as last year's because my introduction to Sara's Baked Creations remains the same!

A for All About Sara's Baked Creations
B for Brown Floral Sugar Cookies
C for Cookie Monster Surprise
D for A Dainty Delight - Birthday Cake
E for Eid Special Cookies and Cupcakes
F for Funfetti Cookie Bites
G for The Gorgeous Little Beauties
H for Home Sweet Home - The New Home Cupcake Collection
I for It All Started With Cupcakes - My Sweet Beginnings
J for Japanese Garden Cupcakes
K for Killer Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars
L for Lovely Polkas, Pearls, and Pretties - Cupcake Collection
M for M&M Fun Cookie Bars
N for The New Moon Sugar Cookies - Beautiful Blue
O for Overloaded Cookie Funfetti Blondies
P for The Paw Patrol Cake
Q for The Quirky Madhatter's Cupcake Poppers
R for Ready, Set, BOO! Fall Spookcakes
S for Seasonal Fall Foliage Cupcakes
T for Tasty Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies
U for Unicorn Blue Pinwheel Cookies
V for Vibrant Red & Blue Mini Bundt Cakes
W for Walnutter Chocolatey Bars
X for XoXo! Love In Bloom Sugar Cookie Collection
Y for 'Yer a Wizard, Harry!' - The Harry Potter Cake
Z for Zodiac Leo Dad's Birthday Cake


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  1. Awesome theme!
    I like to bake, but I'm useless at cake decorating. I've already seen some awesome creations here. Can't wait to see more :-)

    Weimar Germany

    1. Hey!
      Glad to hear you found my creations awesome :) Made my day!
      Looking forward to showing of so much more!
      See you back here soon, hahaha!

  2. Cake! That's all you really need to keep me interested. Good luck with your challenge!

    1. Hahaha! Totally agree with you! :D
      Thanks Lauren!

  3. I remember you from last year, you rock at baking and blogging about it :-)

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaank you Tamaraaaaaa! This has made me so happy! :D

  4. I feel the pounds creeping in already. I do remember you from last year.

    1. Hahahahahaha! Wait till you see the rest :D
      Thank you for coming back Jeanne!

  5. I've got a major sweet tooth, and love reading about and seeing pictures of baked goods!

    1. Well, you're in for a MAJOR treat then :D

  6. And I am going to genuinely follow your blog this April. I don;t know zilch about baking and your posts are going to be my first lessons :) Here's to an amazing foodie theme like mine!
    AtoZ at Kohl Eyed Me
    AtoZ at Something's Cooking

    1. Thank you so much :D
      I hope you'll LOVE what I have this year!


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